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    Violation of Protective Order Arrests in Connecticut

    Domestic violence arrests in the Connecticut criminal courts for Violating a Criminal Protective Order under C.G.S. 53a-223 or Violation of a Civil Restraining Order under C.G.S. 53a-223b can be some of the most serious domestic violence cases in the courtroom. These are Class D Felony arrests that can result from alleged restraining order violations such as a physical assault or strangulation, or for even minor conduct such as an accidental email, text, or Facebook message.

    Whatever the case, if you are arrested for Violating a Criminal Protective / Restraining Order in Connecticut, you should sit with a top Connecticut criminal lawyer to discuss your defense strategies and figure out how, if possible, you can get your felony arrest dismissed quickly, and with as little impact on your professional reputation as possible.

    Fighting Your Violation

    When domestic violence restraining and protective orders are at play, some of the best Connecticut criminal attorneys and lawyers frequently warn their clients not to get baited or lured into a technical violation of a criminal protective order. These top criminal lawyers get especially concerned when husbands and wives are involved in a particularly hostile divorce action, as divorce lawyers can sometimes use your arrest for Violation of a Civil Restraining Order as leverage in the divorce case, specifically the Motion for Exclusive Possession. The bottom line is…don’t take the bait!

    There are three categories of Connecticut protective and restraining orders, which can restrict your level of contact with your children or loved ones. So don’t get ambushed by your significant other who is trying to lure or bait you into committing a technical violation in Connecticut of a Full No Contact protective restraining order, even if it appears to be the most harmless communication such as arranging for pickup times of your children or what you should feed your kids for dinner.

    Reasons For An Arrest

    Connecticut police have zero tolerance for technical violations of “Full No Contact” protective restraining orders, and will not hesitate to arrest you in Connecticut for 53a-223 Restraining Order violations for even the slightest, most technical violation, no matter now innocuous it might be. Remember, the arrest will likely be published on police blotter websites and will be very difficult to remove from the internet, potentially damaging your reputation at work and in the community.

    So if you have been entrapped or baited into violating a Connecticut restraining or protective order, be sure to save every single text message or email so that your criminal lawyer can present this evidence to the judge and prosecutor, and expose the alleged “victim” for trying to manipulate the criminal justice system. If argued effectively by your domestic violence criminal attorney, then you just may be surprised to see how sympathetic the court system may be to your plight.

    Benefit of a Lawyer

    While you can read much more about the ins and outs of Violation of a Criminal Protective Order / Civil Restraining Order arrests in Connecticut, know that our team of lawyers are ready to assist you right now.

    Whether you have been set up, baited, or have a list of criminal charges pending against you in the domestic violence courts in Connecticut, our firm can work with you and your family to fight for a dismissal, expungement, and removal of your arrest reports from the internet. Call us today for a consultation at (203) 276-9443.