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    Danbury Disorderly Conduct Arrests

    If you have been arrested for disorderly conduct in Danbury, legal assistance in defending yourself can be the first step to a positive resolution of your case.

    How Does Connecticut Define Disorderly Conduct?

    Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 53a-182 defines disorderly conduct as several different actions that individuals engage in and which intentionally or recklessly cause a risk of aggravation or alarm in others. This section lists various actions that constitute disorderly conduct under state law, including:

    • Fighting or engaging in other violent or threatening behaviors
    • Acting in a disruptive or offensive manner that bothers others
    • Making an unreasonable amount of noise
    • Illegally disturbing any lawful gathering of people

    All of these situations may lead to disorderly conduct arrests in Danbury.

    How Serious is a Disorderly Conduct Charge?

    Disorderly conduct is a relatively low-level criminal charge. However, it still carries the possibility of jail, a fine, and a criminal record. Therefore, individuals facing Danbury arrests for disorderly conduct may wish to consult legal counsel for advice and guidance. By getting legal assistance, people may have a better chance of resolving the charges in their favor.

    What are the Consequences of a Misdemeanor Conviction?

    A disorderly conduct charge in Danbury is a Class C misdemeanor. Individuals who are convicted of disorderly conduct may face up to three months in jail, a period to serve on probation, and up to $500 in fines. A disorderly conduct conviction also creates a permanent criminal record that can make gaining employment and higher education in the future more difficult.

    Likewise, most landlords conduct criminal background checks, so a conviction for disorderly conduct can be a barrier to obtaining better housing. A criminal record also may affect finances when the court orders individuals to pay probation fees, fines, and court costs. Getting credit to purchase homes and vehicles also may be more challenging with a criminal background.

    Get Legal Help with Arrests for Disorderly Conduct in Danbury

    If you have been subject to Danbury disorderly conduct arrests, you may wish to contact legal counsel right away. Waiting too long to seek legal representation can be highly damaging to your case. Getting legal advice at the outset of your criminal proceedings may increase your chances of a favorable resolution. Reach out to a disorderly conduct attorney at Mark Sherman Law today.