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    Darien Assault On A Police Officer Lawyer

    Assault against a peace officer does not require any aggravating circumstances or have to result in serious injury to be considered a felony offense punishable by several years in prison. A knowledgeable Darien assault on a police officer lawyer could explain your legal options to you, help you construct a comprehensive defense, and work tirelessly on your behalf to pursue a positive resolution to your case. Let a knowledgeable assault attorney help you fight your case.

    What Constitutes Assault of a Peace Officer or Public Official?

    Contrary to what the name of the offense suggests, assaulting a police officer does not necessarily have to result in physical injury to qualify as a felony offense. According to Connecticut General Statutes §53a-167c, any of the following actions may constitute an assaultive act and be prosecuted as a felony if they are committed against a peace officer:

    • Causing them to suffer a physical injury
    • Throwing a blunt object such as a rock or bottle at them
    • Spitting or throwing bodily fluids at them
    • Throwing paint or any other “straining agent”
    • Causing them to be exposed to mace, tear gas, or a similar agent

    Furthermore, this statute does not only apply to police officers—any assault against a public safety official, emergency medical personnel, public transit worker, or healthcare provider would be addressed under this statute. Regardless of who the alleged target of such an act was, a qualified Darien assault on a peace officer attorney could help the alleged perpetrator construct their legal defense.

    What Are Some Potential Consequences Of Assaulting a Police Officer?

    This crime is a class C felony punishable by a mandatory minimum term of one year in prison. Under C.G.S. §53a-35a and 53a-41, the maximum penalties available upon conviction for this offense would be a ten-year prison sentence and a fine of $10,000.

    Unfortunately, the consequences for this kind of conviction do not end once criminal sanctions are paid and/or served. While a convicted felon in Connecticut may be able to restore their right to vote after fulfilling parole, probationary, and fine repayment requirements, a conviction permanently deprives them of the right to possess a firearm and the right to acquire professional licenses in a variety of industries. Working with a lawyer in Darien could be critical to avoiding both criminal sanctions and long-term personal and professional consequences of an assault on a police officer conviction.

    Speak with a Darien Assault on a Police Officer Attorney Today

    The act of assaulting a police officer is often treated especially harshly in Connecticut criminal courts, as law enforcement and judiciary officials will almost always favor the account of an officer of the law over that of a defendant accused of attacking them.

    Don’t go about your defense alone. Call a qualified Darien assault on a police officer lawyer to get support and knowledgeable advice throughout every stage of your criminal proceedings.