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    Role of a Darien DCF Attorney

    Are you under investigation by the Department of Children and Families (DCF)? A Darien DCF attorney can help protect your family’s interests and work toward a positive resolution of the investigation.

    Should I Cooperate with DCF Investigators?

    When DCF investigators arrive at your door, they usually want to conduct interviews and tour the home right away. They find value in catching families off guard and unprepared. However, you do not have to agree to everything DCF requests.

    While it is usually wise to cooperate with DCF to a certain extent, you have the right to do so on their own terms. You can ask investigators to come at a more convenient time after you have had a chance to consult an attorney. The role of a Darien DCF lawyer can include providing advice and preparation for handling interview questions. A DCF attorney could also assist during interviews, especially when investigators wish to speak with your children. If questioning becomes unnecessarily invasive, a DCF lawyer could stop or redirect the process.

    In most cases, parents have the right to refuse to allow DCF to speak with their children. However, exercising that right could send a signal that your family has something to hide. It is usually better to work with a DCF lawyer before and during interviews to cooperate with the DCF in a cautious manner. To learn more about the process of a DCF investigation, click here.

    Should I Sign a Service Agreement or Safety Plan?

    Parents also have the right to refuse to sign documents produced by DCF agents. In many situations, the agency asks parents or guardians to agree to the terms of a safety plan or service agreement. A Darien DCF attorney can review and explain the terms of an agreement and help your family decide whether it makes sense to sign it.

    A service agreement or safety plan is a legally binding contract. If you agree to the terms and then violate them, even accidentally, your violation could be used as evidence to show that you are not providing a safe environment for your children. The agreement may also give the agency the right to take action against your family if you violate any terms.

    Contact a Darien DCF Attorney for Help with Your Investigation

    A Darien DCF attorney could help at every stage of an investigation, even after it concludes. If the agency has taken actions to limit your parental rights or place your name on the Central Child Abuse and Neglect Registry, a lawyer who understands the DCF could assist in restoring your rights and reputation.

    The role of a Darien DCF lawyer will vary according to the needs of a situation, but one constant is that a dedicated lawyer can fight to protect your family’s rights and work to bring about a positive outcome. To learn more about what an experienced legal advocate can do for you, call Mark Sherman Law today.