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    Appearing at Trial for a DUI in Darien

    DUI cases in Darien are not heard in circuit courts. DUI cases in Darien are actually heard at the Stamford Superior Court, which is a general court and it hears all different types and levels of crimes.

    If a person already has one DUI conviction, they are going to face a potential felony and mandatory minimum jail time. If that is the case, the individual may want to proceed to trial with an experienced DUI attorney, in order to try avoiding that by showing that they are not guilty.

    Cases that often proceed to trial include cases with breathalyzer issues, the passing of standardized field sobriety tests or debates over who was driving the vehicle.

    Resolving Cases Before Trial

    When appearing at trial for a DUI in Darien, the individual eligible for the pretrial alcohol education program if the offense is the individual’s first DUI. It is a diversionary program that lets someone do alcohol education classes and fulfill other conditions to earn a dismissal of their charge.

    If the person is not eligible for that program, there will be a plea-bargaining process. Often, the prosecutor will make an offer to the defense attorney and the defense attorney can speak with their client and negotiate that offer. A lot of times, they do end up agreeing and the person ends up pleading guilty.

    Darien Trial Process

    Connecticut actually has an individual voir dire process where they actually get to question each individual prospective juror. Right at the beginning of the trial, the person will get to work with their defense attorney and actually choose a jury of six people.

    Appearing at trial for a DUI in Darien on the first day, the judge will read instructions to the jury before evidence is presented. The clerk of the court will tell the jury what the person is being charged with. The state of The state will get to call its first witness and that is when the questioning and the testimony will actually begin.

    The individual preparing for trial should present well appearance-wise and also attitude and behavior-wise. They should be respectful to the court, respectful to the potential jurors, and make sure they are neatly dressed and well-kempt.

    Preparing the Defense’s Case

    The person and the attorney will likely go into the assigned courtroom. The attorney will likely check in with the presiding judge to make sure there are no changes and confirm the schedule for the day.

    The client should go over the case with their attorney before appearing at trial for a DUI in Darien. It may be critical to see whether it would be beneficial for them to testify or not. If they do decide to testify, they should go over all of the questions that the attorney will be asking them to ensure they are answering them all properly.

    It is important to remember to respect for everyone in the courtroom. The client’s behavior usually makes the best impression on both the judge or the jury.