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    Darien Protective Order Hearings

    The purpose of a protective order hearing is to challenge a protective order and the scope of a protective order. A protective order hearing could get the protective order dropped or reduced. Darien protective order hearings take place in the Stamford Superior Courthouse, which is located at 124 Hoyt Street in Stamford. If a person has a protective order against them and they want to know where their hearing is, they could find out where their hearing would take place by going on to the Connecticut judicial website, typing in their name, and seeing what courthouse the hearing is taking place. Once they know where their hearing is, the individual should reach out to a seasoned protective order lawyer attorney who could advocate for them.

    Protective Order Hearings in Relation to Dome

    The scope of Darien protective order hearings in reference to a larger domestic violence-related charge is whatever the allegation of domestic violence case is. A person could bring past domestic violence cases involved, but the scope is typically limited to who is in danger and what the danger is in the present case.

    In Darien, the amount of time after a protective order is granted for a hearing to be scheduled for a respondent varies. A respondent could file a motion to modify the protective order or they could file for a hearing to challenge the protective order. If they file for a hearing to challenge the protective order, it has to be within 14 days. If they file for modifications of a protective order, it could be heard at any time. There is no way to contest a Darien protective order before the hearing date. It remains in place until the judge is able to conduct a hearing and depends on whether or not it is legal.

    Do Petitioners Have to Be at Hearings?

    It is not mandatory that the petitioner be present at the hearing. That is when the victim’s advocate comes into play. The victim advocate would present and give input for the alleged victim without having the alleged victim physically present.

    The hearing for individuals who are under a foreign order of protection would be in the courthouse closest to where the alleged crime took place. If a person challenges a protective order, it has to be where they are being prosecuted for the crime that led to a protective order.

    Treatment of Protective Order Hearings

    Darien judges handle protective order hearing extremely seriously because the alleged victim’s rights are at stake as well as the defendant’s rights. They weigh both the evidence from the defendant and any evidence from the alleged victim and try to come to most equitable decision possible. The defendant’s constitutional rights are being violated if the protective order is put into place. Judges do not take that lightly.

    How Evidence Can Impact a Protective Order Hearing

    Evidence can be instrumental in determining the outcome of a case. Different kinds of evidence could result in a judge’s decision regarding a protective order. The types of evidence that would lead a judge to overturn a protective order include evidence that the accuser is lying, that they made up the allegations against the defendant, or that the allegations were not as serious as originally thought.

    The types of evidence that would lead a Darien judge to extend a protective would be if they believe the accuser is credible, if they deemed that the allegations are true, or if they are presented with evidence that shows the allegations are true.

    Type of Order Issued Can Impact a Hearing

    The type of protective order issued against the individual alters the process of Darien protective order hearings because it changes what the person needs to argue for. For example, if an extreme change of protective order, such as a full no-contact protective order, is put into place, it is likely that a protective order would not be removed completely. An attorney has to argue that it would be lowered to a residential stay-away protective order. If a partial protective order is put into place, there is no argument to be made because it is already the lowest protective order.

    Importance of a Darien Protective Order Attorney

    Individuals should bring their protective order attorneys to Darien protective order hearings rather than represent themselves because their constitutional rights are at stake. It is good to have an attorney there who has experienced questioning witnesses. If the alleged victim is present at the hearing, the defendant’s attorney would have a chance to question them and try to poke holes in their story. A lawyer could also make a compelling argument for why the defendant is not a danger to their accuser. If an individual wants to know more about protective order hearings, or needs representation in a hearing, they should speak with a skilled attorney that could fight for them.