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    Meeting With a Fairfield Second-Degree Harassment Lawyer

    In the event that a person is arrested with a second-degree harassment charge, the first step they should take in Fairfield is immediately contact a lawyer after being arrested. A capable second-degree harassment attorney could examine the facts of a person’s case and determine what their next steps should be. Meeting with a Fairfield second-degree harassment lawyer is one way that an individual can take steps to build their case.

    Evidence an Individual Should Preserve Immediately

    The evidence the individual should preserve immediately before meeting with a Fairfield second-degree harassment lawyer is all of their:

    • Cell phone records
    • Text messages
    • Social media interactions
    • Emails
    • Anything that could be used to facilitate contact

    A person’s defense lawyer could also immediately file motions to preserve all electronic evidence gathered by the police or any other type of evidence in connection with the arrest.

    Documents to Prepare for the Meeting

    An accused individual should prepare for their initial meeting with their criminal defense attorney by bringing any paperwork they received from the police, they got after they were arrested, and would indicate what the conditions of release were. Also, they should preserve anything that is being alleged that was used to allegedly harass the person, like records of their interactions. They should also provide any evidence that they have of the other person communicating with them. Oftentimes it is sort of two-way street in which the other person is also harassing the accused, so they should bring any evidence of any and all communication between themselves and the alleged victim.

    Questions an Attorney May Ask

    During a meeting with a Fairfield second-degree harassment lawyer, the attorney and their potential client may discuss any background information about the individual, any mental health or substance abuse history, or, anything that would have led to the events in question like their relationship with the accuser, and anything else that they feel would be relevant to their defense. Individuals should be aware that it is okay to be completely forthright and candid with the attorney because all meetings are confidential and privileged. Anything that they tell the attorney is confidential.

    Importance of Discussing Statements Made During a Fairfield Second-Degree Harassment Arrest

    It is important to discuss any statements made by the accused to the police during the arrest so that the lawyer is aware of what was actually said to the police. Also, it is equally as important so that the lawyer could determine whether or not the individual was properly advised of their Miranda rights and whether or not any constitutional issues need to be addressed.

    The types of documents generated during this meeting in preparation for potential trials in Fairfield include any attorney work product, any notes, any initial client notes, and any motions to preserve evidence or possibly suppress it if any statements were given to the police in violation of their constitutional rights. Meeting with a Fairfield second-degree harassment lawyer is not only instrumental in building a defense, it could also help ensure that an individual’s rights are protected. Those who have been charged with harassment in the second-degree should speak with capable attorneys that could advocate for them.