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    Communication During a Fairfield Second-Degree Harassment Case

    If you want to know more about communication during a Fairfield second-degree harassment case, and what communication is acceptable, speak with an experienced second-degree harassment attorney. A qualified lawyer could help protect your rights while also helping you avoid aggravating your case. Speak with an attorney today and know that you are in capable hands.

    Communicating with an Opposing Party

    Whether or not a person accused of harassment in the second-degree should communicate with an opposing party depends on if there was a protective order put in place and if the protective order does not allow contact. Typically, even if there is a no-contact protective order in place, it would not be advised that they communicate with the other party.

    The best way to communicate with an opposing party and avoid potential tampering with a witness, alleged victim, or informant charge would be through some type of written communication documenting what they are saying or through a third-party, which would typically be their lawyer.

    Aspects to be Aware of Before Attempting Communication

    Before attempting communication during a Fairfield second-degree harassment case, a person accused of secondary harassment should be aware of the possibility that they could potentially be charged with tampering with a witness or interfering with an investigation. It is important for legal counsel to attend the first meeting between the client and the prosecutor, because if the client has hired a criminal defense attorney then the lawyer would always be the one meeting with the prosecutor. There would never be any meetings where the client would speak directly to the prosecutor.

    Role of an Attorney as an Intermediary

    A criminal defense lawyer could act as an intermediary between the two parties and help guide communication during a Fairfield second-degree harassment case because as a third-party they are able to freely communicate with the alleged victim and communicate the client’s feelings toward the alleged victim. Whatever way they are trying to make the situation right and vice versa, they could communicate any messages that the victim might have to the court, to the prosecution, and to the client.

    Can the Alleged Victim Drop the Charges?

    In the event the alleged victim asks for the charges to be dropped, the prosecution almost never complies with the request in Fairfield. However, there are circumstances where the prosecution would ignore the request and proceed with the charges in Fairfield. Typically, it is always since they usually would not listen to the victim. The general range of how much time a criminal defense lawyer would have to prepare for someone’s case in Fairfield is about one to two years before it gets called into trial.

    Value of a Fairfield Second-Degree Harassment Attorney

    A criminal defense lawyer would first enter an appearance in the case on behalf of their potential clients. They would request the police report so that they could examine exactly what was alleged and what evidence the prosecution has against their client. They would file motions to preserve any evidence that was gathered in a Fairfield Police Department investigation of the defendant that led to their arrest and any other discovery that the prosecution might have that would be beneficial to the individual. If a person wants to know more about communication during a Fairfield second-degree harassment case, they should speak with an attorney that could answer their questions.