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    First Degree Assault Penalties in Greenwich

    First-degree assault is classified as a Class B Felony and it is somebody that commits first-degree assault. It has a minimum sentence of five years and up to 20 years of incarceration. Additionally, an individual can be required to have up to five years of probation, a fine of up to $15,000, or any combination of probation and fines.

    After jail time, first-degree assault penalties tend to culminate in a probationary period. It would be very rare that a first-degree assault will not result in some form of imprisonment, at least initially. Additionally, after the person was to get out of prison, it would be very common to have a period of probation following imprisonment.

    All Greenwich first degree assault cases are heard at the Stamford, Connecticut geographical area courthouse, which is in Stamford. Contact a Greenwich first-degree assault lawyer today for assistance in reducing the potential penalties.

    Long Term Consequences

    First-degree assault is one of the most serious felonies. It is a Class B felony, and the most severe felony degree is Class A, so it is the second most severe degree of felony. Felony convictions have a serious impact on a person’s future and employment. Felony convictions take away some of a person’s constitution right including the right to vote and the right to bear arms. However, it also can affect their ability to gain licensure for different state licenses such as a law license, medical license, and other types of licenses.

    So, it not only has the punishments of imprisonment and the other things we talked about but it can also have the tangential effects on the rest of the person’s life.

    What Is the First Element of Assault

    The first element of this assault charge to address and is the serious physical injury portion. A first-degree assault defense attorney is aware that regardless of what a person is trying to do and what a person is seeking to accomplish, if they do not cause serious physical injury, it is not first-degree assault.

    In other words, if the injury is minor, or even superficial like a bruise, and does not have a long-term effect, it would be a lower degree of assault.

    What Is the Second Element of Assault?

    The second element a Stamford assault attorney will look at is the intention of the person involved. The intent for first-degree assault has to be that a person is trying to cause serious physical injury.

    However, if the person was trying to accomplish something else that happened to result in serious physical injury, that cannot be rightfully charged with a first-degree assault. Your defense attorney will attempt to have the degree of the assault reduced, which will reduce the severity of the penalties.

    The last thing and the most common defense is self-defense. Self-defense is basically saying that the reason they inflicted a serious bodily injury on another person was that they feared that the other person was going to harm them in some serious way.