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    Process of a Greenwich Third-Degree Assault Arrest

    Being arrested for an assault offense can be an overwhelming experience, especially if it is your first encounter with law enforcement. The process of a Greenwich third-degree assault arrest can be difficult to undergo alone, which is why it is important to seek the services of an experienced third-degree assault attorney. Your lawyer could help you avoid incriminating yourself, and could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome for you.

    Law Enforcement’s Duty When Responding to Assault Allegations

    When responding to an incident in Greenwich that qualifies as a third-degree assault, it is the law enforcement officer’s duty to be accompanied by at least one other officer and then to separate the parties. Each officer is to interview one of the parties, get their side of the story and offer them the opportunity to make a written statement. If children are present or someone else in the home, typically they also will be interviewed to see whether they saw or heard anything and wish to make a statement.

    During the process of a Greenwich third-degree assault arrest, if there are injuries, they will also see whether the person wants medical treatment or refuses to be treated. If they want treatment, the police will call their Greenwich EMS department to come treat them and take them to the hospital if necessary. Then the police will determine whether there is probable cause to make an arrest of one or both parties then or they need to do more investigation. Eventually, they might apply for a warrant.

    Timeframe for Third-Degree Assault Arrest Cases

    The timeframe for the process of a Greenwich third-degree assault arrest and the ensuing case, depends on the person’s background and characteristics. For example, if it is their first arrest, especially for domestic violence, typically the case will be resolved within a few months or a few court dates. If it’s not the person’s first arrest or if they have a conviction, that will obviously increase the amount of time it will take to get the case wrapped up. In general, the cases take between three months and a year, with exceptions for more complicated cases.

    Process of an Arrest for Assault in the Third-Degree

    The process of an arrest for assault in the third-degree in Greenwich in most cases involves at least one person taken the Greenwich Police Department. Typically, even if both are arrested, one is given a summons to appear in court and the other is taken to the station. In cases where there are minor children in the home, both parents will not be taken out of the home. Any parties taken to the station will be booked, they will have their mug shot taken, fingerprints done, and then issued conditions of release. Typically those conditions keep the parties separated until the next business day when they could appear in court. The conditions might state that the defendant is not to have contact with that person until the defendant appears in court. In court, a will determine whether to issue a protective order and what it will be.

    How Might an Arrest for Assault Be Treated Differently if the Charge is the Result of a Domestic Violence Dispute?

    An arrest for assault in the third-degree might be treated differently if the charge is the result of a domestic violence dispute in Greenwich if, as an example, it is between people in a relationship. In that case, the court will have to hear the case on the next business day. If the dispute happens on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night, they would have to appear in court Monday morning. The court wants to issue protective orders in domestic violence cases as soon as possible. If the arrest for assault in the third-degree is not related to domestic violence, such as a fight outside a bar or on the street, that is not considered a requirement for having to appear the next business day. They will be assigned a court date within 14 days. If an individual faces charges for assault in the third-degree and wants to know more about process of a Greenwich third-degree assault arrest, they should work with a capable assault lawyer that could answer their questions.