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    Third-Degree Assault Penalties in Greenwich

    In Greenwich, any kind of argument that escalates to any kind of physical altercation can lead to an assault in the third-degree arrest. This means any kind of physical contact that causes a physical injury. Hitting someone, slapping them, or punching them are considered acts of assault in the third degree. Even if the injury is just a red mark, the person can get charged for assault in the third degree. Domestic violence involves an assault that is between someone and a significant other, including spouses, children, roommates, or parents.

    Third-degree assault penalties in Greenwich are handled very carefully by the prosecutor and by the judge, even if they are first-time offenses. The prosecutor and judge do not want to let two people under the same roof if they think there is even a chance that another incident may occur. The courts are very cautious and conservative. Judges do not want to let people go back home or let people go free without having to attend classes for anger management and substance abuse. It is important to have a distinguished third-degree assault attorney present that can argue a defense on your behalf.

    Associated Criminal Penalties

    The first consequence will be the very next business date at court, where the judge will issue a protective order. The protective order could be burdensome depending on the level of protective order issued, but it can go so far as to prevent someone from having contact in any form with their significant other, children, parents– whoever the protected person is. It also can displace the person from their home for months at a time.

    In addition to being kept out of the home or being prevented from contacting someone, they also might be ordered to undergo drug and alcohol counseling if there is any suspicion that drugs or alcohol may be involved. The person might also be ordered to undergo anger management. Most third-degree assault penalties in Greenwich can be enacted on the very first business day after third-degree assault arrests in Greenwich.

    Long-Term Consequences

    Now that the internet is the go-to source for all news, many charged individuals have had stories of their arrests published on local news and media outlets, so there are potential long-term consequences within the community, even if the charge is dropped or dismissed. The arrest may still have an online presence in the community. Other potential long-term consequences are having a court case pending for months at a time, holding up jobs, travel, getting new employment, getting a promotion, so on and so forth. If someone is found guilty or pleads guilty to assault in the third degree, then that person could face a period of probation. Someone could face potential jail time and fines, and could have a permanent criminal record if the situation is not handled properly.

    Hiring an Attorney

    The person should expect to have a court case pending for several months after an assault arrest. They should expect to have to go in front of a judge and should hire an attorney that can negotiate with the prosecutor to try to get the quickest resolution possible. Individuals should definitely contact a domestic violence lawyer in Greenwich as soon as possible before the very first court date. This is because the judge can issue conditions of release including classes, anger management, and the protective order. Often times conditions of third-degree assault penalties in Greenwich are too burdensome or even impossible for the person to be able to manage.