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    Greenwich Third-Degree Assault Lawyer

    A third-degree assault is when somebody intends to cause any physical injury to another person and actually does cause that injury. Third-degree assault is a Class A Misdemeanor in Greenwich. It carries a maximum term of imprisonment of one year, a probation of up two years, a fine of up to $2,000, or any combination of those three.

    If you were charged with assault, you could benefit from the services of a top Greenwich third-degree assault lawyer. Dedicated assault attorneys understand the impact a conviction could have on your life, and they could fight tirelessly on your behalf for a favorable resolution to your case.

    Elements of a Third-Degree Assault Charge

    Prosecutors have to prove the intent, the action, and the result. To secure a conviction, they must prove that the act was voluntarily, and the defendant was trying to make the alleged harmed individual suffer a physical injury. The types of evidence they use are the witness testimony concerning the assault, video evidence if it is available, and medical evidence or photographs to show the nature of injuries.

    Difference Between Second and Third-Degree Assaults

    The primary difference in the levels of an assault charge is the severity of the injury to another person. Third-degree assault result requires any injury to the other person, whereas second-degree assault requires serious bodily injury.

    The other major difference is the intention. Third-degree assault requires that the defendant is trying to hurt the other person, whereas a second degree requires that the defendant is trying to cause serious bodily injury or a lasting disfigurement. If the defendant accidentally hit another person, for example, then it would not be the crime of third-degree assault. Reach out to a Greenwich third-degree assault attorney for more information.

    Long-Term Consequences of Assault Convictions

    Because third-degree assault is a misdemeanor, it carries less long-term adverse consequences than other assault charges. Misdemeanors do not tend to result in as many forfeitures of rights and opportunities, such as licensures or voting rights. It is also less prohibitive for a person’s employment prospects in the future.

    Third-degree assault also carries much less of a social stigma because of the lower severity of the crime. It has adverse consequences as any crime will, but they are less severe than with many other crimes.

    Defenses and Mitigating Factors

    Greenwich third-degree assault attorneys will use the same types of evidence as the prosecution but will say something different than what the state is trying to prove. For example, they could use a witness to support the notion that the person charged with the third-degree assault took an action that was accidental. They could also use a witness who can speak to the circumstances that led to the event, which may tell something about the intent of the person charged with the third-degree assault.

    Those circumstances can also speak to mitigating factors. The reason for committing the assault can make a big difference in the judge’s eyes. If it seemed to be an understandable provocation by the alleged harmed individual of the assault, the judge may be more lenient. If, however, there does not seem to be any good reason for committing the assault, the judge may be more strict and put a more serious punishment on the accused person.

    Reach Out to a Top Greenwich Third-Degree Assault Attorney

    As the best lawyers know, third-degree assault charges in CT can have serious consequences beyond the legal penalties. A conviction can carry a serious social stigma and make it difficult for people to find employment. If you are facing allegations of assault, you should reach out to a dedicated Greenwich third-degree assault lawyer. A skilled attorney could help you fight for the optimum outcome in your case.