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    Court Expectations for a Greenwich Disorderly Conduct Arrest 

    Being arrested for disorderly conduct can be an overwhelming experience, especially if this is your first offense. You may not have any court expectations for a Greenwich disorderly conduct arrest, or you might have many. A qualified Greenwich disorderly conduct attorney can quell your anxieties and address any questions you may have about what to expect before, during, and after, a disorderly conduct arrest. If you have been charged with disorderly conduct, contact a lawyer today.

    Court Date

    One of the court expectations for a Greenwich disorderly conduct arrest that an individual should have, is for an expedient trial. In Connecticut, generally after any disorderly conduct or any other type of domestic violence arrest, the court date will be the first business day after the arrest. If someone is arrested late at night, they are probably going to have their first court date the next morning if it is a business day. If they are arrested on a Saturday, their court date will be Monday as long as it is not a holiday.

    Conditions of Temporary Release

    In almost all domestic violence cases, the Greenwich police officers will instruct the person getting arrested not to have any contact with the alleged victim. That would also prevent them from going to their home if they live with the accuser and to not have any in person, cell phone, or email contact with the person. In some instances, the Greenwich police can also order that the person not have any weapons, alcohol, and controlled substances.

    Role of a Guardian Ad Litem in a Domestic Violence Arrest

    A guardian ad litem is typically a lawyer who has gone through specific training to be a voice for minor children. For example, if there is a case where there is suspected child abuse or neglect as part of a criminal case, the court, upon request, will order a guardian ad litem or GAL to be appointed. The GAL would speak with the children who are involved in the case and report back to the court on what disposition would be in the best interest of the children.

    If the children are verbal and of age where they can express their feelings, the GAL will have a conversation with them about how they are feeling about the case. If it is a younger child that is not verbal yet, the guardian ad litem will take into a consideration the allegations, the familial history, and whether or not the overall living conditions and relationships are safe for the child to be around.

    A knowledgeable Greenwich lawyer will request a GAL in cases where one parent might try to influence the children against the other parent and the Court will need a neutral voice.

    Participation in an Alternative Incarceration Center Program

    The judges in Stamford that handle Greenwich cases often try to order AIC or Alternative Incarceration Center as a condition of release for a domestic violence case, meaning they will be okay with the lower bond or no bonds at all if the person complies with AIC. AIC offers a few different programs. The most common with Greenwich domestic violence arrests is CBT, which is Cognitive Behavior Therapy. That is a group that centers on anger management. It meets regularly about ways to address issues of anger management.

    Another program that is often ordered by the court has to do with substance abuse or alcohol. If there is any indication of substance abuse or someone was drunk during the incident, the judge will be more likely to order that group. It is important for people to be prepared for that, because often people work full time or in New York City, especially if they get arrested in Greenwich.

    One of the court expectations for a Greenwich disorderly conduct arrest should be that an AIC can be time-consuming. Often, participants will not get back to Greenwich until after 7 p.m., so they run the risk of the classes interfering with their work, life, and community. A lot of people do not realize when they go to court that if that order is made, there is nothing they can do about it until the judge releases them from the AIC obligation – which could be weeks or even months later.

    Necessity of a Greenwich Domestic Violence Attorney

    If you have been charged with disorderly conduct, it is vital that you get in touch with an attorney. An experienced domestic violence lawyer will be able to set realistic court expectations for a Greenwich disorderly conduct arrest. One of the best things that you can do if you have been arrested, is inform yourself on what to expect, what your rights are, and what potential next steps are. A lawyer can serve as an indispensable resource, by answering your questions and building your defense. Contact an attorney who can help you navigate the arrest process.