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    Greenwich Protective Order Modification Hearings

    At any time while a protective order is in effect, an individual can file a motion to modify it. However, the court will not modify it until some time has passed, to see if they complied with the order and do not pose a present danger to the victim. Greenwich protective order modification hearings are called Fernando A evidentiary hearings, and they will usually occur within 14 days.

    If you wish to modify a protective order or have a hearing for an order against you, it can help to consult with a Greenwich protective order lawyer. The best CT lawyers understand the complexities involved in protective orders, and they could work on your behalf towards a favorable outcome.

    What is a Fernando A Evidentiary Hearing?

    The Fernando A evidentiary hearing allows an individual to challenge the court’s decision, call any witnesses, and confront their accuser in what is tantamount to a full-blown hearing on the protective order. That is the only time a full evidentiary hearing will take place to modify the order.

    Useful Evidence

    The types of evidence that can help Greenwich protective order modification hearings include the defendant being in full compliance with the court’s order. If there are Department of Children and Families orders are in place, evidence that they have complied with those is helpful. In addition, any type of counseling or treatment that the defendant has undergone is always helpful.

    What to Bring to a Hearing

    When a person meets with an attorney or goes to a hearing, they should bring any type of documentation from the Department of Children and Families showing they have been compliant, or any type of documentation that they have done counseling or treatment, such as a letter from the counselor. Often, the fact that the petitioner continues to try to reach out to the defendant when the defendant is not allowed to have any contact with them is very helpful, because it shows that they are not afraid of the defendant.

    Role of Witnesses

    Witnesses have a role in the Fernando A hearing, and it typically is the only time they would take the stand. Their role can be major in that they can be examined and cross-examined by the lawyers and can help advocate for the defendant or tell the defendant’s side of the story.

    Importance of Hiring an Attorney

    To modify an existing protective order, a person needs to file a motion with the court to get a hearing date, and that motion must include very specific things. Typically, it is very helpful to have an attorney who will be able to file the motion on their behalf and then argue the motion once a hearing date is granted.

    Anyone involved in Greenwich protective order modification hearings should consult with a top lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer could help you plan and organize your motions and ensure that all of your documentation is in order. Call today to schedule a consultation.