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    Greenwich Underage DUI Lawyer

    An arrest in Greenwich Connecticut for an underage or under 21 DUI carries consequences that can be severe and long-lasting. DUI arrests for anyone 16 or 17 years old are not eligible for juvenile court treatment. These cases will be heard in adult court where you can lose your license and could even go to jail.

    If someone is 18 or over and have been arrested for a drunk driving offense, online news websites such as the Greenwich Time, Greenwich Free Press and Greenwich Daily Voice will publish the teen’s name, mugshot and arrest report online and on Google searches.

    If you are in this situation, contact an experienced Greenwich underage DUI lawyer right away. An experienced DUI attorney can help you or your teenager craft the most aggressive and cost-effective defense, designed to get the DUI dismissed and wiped off the internet and Google.

    Recommended Behaviors for DUI Stops

    The Connecticut DUI process can be complex, but it is important to understand how it works. At the scene of the arrest, anyone charged with will be asked to submit to a breath test to determine their blood alcohol level (BAC). The BAC threshold for an arrest is .02, not .08, for drivers under 21.

    As with adult drivers, any driver who refuses a breath test can still be arrested if they fail the standard field sobriety tests, which assess balance and coordination. The Greenwich Connecticut DUI summons will state the date on which the individual must appear in Stamford Superior Court (as Greenwich does not have its own criminal courthouse).

    What Happens to the Minor Following a DUI Arrest?

    One to two days after an arrest, an individual can appear at the Greenwich police station to reclaim their license. At this point, after their 24-hour suspension expires, the individual is free to drive until they are notified of any additional suspension periods from the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

    Following their arrest in the underage individual will receive a notice of a Connecticut “per se” suspension of their license from the DMV. This is standard, but individuals can choose to fight it. A Greenwich underage DUI lawyer can provide representation at the DMV hearing. This is worth considering if there are grounds to challenge the evidence in the case.

    What Are the Potential Penalties for Underage Drunk Driving

    When fighting DUI charges, the individual must appear before a judge in the Stamford Superior Court. The prosecutor will present evidence which will include the individual’s breath test result (if there was one taken) and the testimony of the arresting officer(s). The individual’s lawyer can cross-examine the prosecution’s evidence and present evidence.

    If found guilty, the judge could sentence the individual to between 2 days and 30 days in jail (unless the lawyer persuades the judge to order community service instead).

    The individual will receive probation, fines, a one-year license suspension (in addition to the six-month suspension from the DMV) and a requirement to have an ignition interlock device that tests BAC installed in their car.

    How to Submit a Plea Bargain?

    When negotiating a plea bargain a Greenwich underage DUI lawyer can likely negotiate with the prosecutor, pointing out weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case as well as advocate for leniency, such as a strong academic record, no past trouble with the law, history of volunteering, et cetera.

    Reasons to File a Motion for Suspension of Prosecution

    If someone does not want to go to trial or enter a plea bargain, they may want to consider seeking admission into the Connecticut Impaired Driver Intervention Program (IDIP). A Greenwich underage DUI lawyer knows that through this program, individuals can complete court-ordered classes and are then eligible to have the arrest erased and expunged from their record. This program is only designed for first-time offenders. However, some Connecticut prosecutors may object to an admission because they believe that these types of programs are not appropriate for under 21 defendants.

    How a Greenwich Underage DUI Lawyer Can Help

    Any form of driving under the influence can cause severe penalties. Speaking with a lawyer can help. Underage DUI’s are serious and the consequences can impact an individual’s life, both personally and professionally. No one should put their future at risk. It is important to contact a Greenwich underage DUI lawyer who can try minimizing that risk.