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    Minors Facing Adult Charges for a Greenwich DUI

    Persons under 21 who drink are violating the law by drunk driving. Minors facing adult charges for a Greenwich DUI case is not uncommon. The minimum BAC level for a DUI charge for a minor is above a .02, whereas an adult could get charged for anything above a .08.

    Despite the difference in laws, both minors and adults are both eligible for the same diversionary programs. For more information on the penalties you or your child may be facing, speak with a distinguished DUI attorney as soon as possible.

    Difference Between Legal BAC Levels of a Minor and Adult

    BAC stands for blood alcohol content which is the measure of how much alcohol is in someone’s blood at any given time. A minor is not allowed to have the same BAC levels as an adult. Minors facing adult charges for a Greenwich DUI are eligible for the same diversionary program called the Connecticut Alcohol Education Program. However, often the state objects to that because they believe the program is designed for adults, not for minors.

    What are the Penalties for Children Convicted as Adults?

    The penalties for a conviction of a DUI are the same for an adult and a minor. The minor is subject to possible mandatory minimum jail time for the first offense, a misdemeanor. For a subsequent offense, it is a felony with additional jail time.

    Unique Aspects of Under 21 DUI Offenses

    Minors facing adult charges for a Greenwich DUI do not get the benefits of juvenile court. All DUIs for anyone under 21 go to adult court. Although records might be sealed in most under 21 Greenwich DUI / DWI case; you will still have to go to adult court for that.

    Sometimes prosecutors argue against the alcohol education program for teenagers because they may believe that program is designed exclusively for adults. Their thought is that teenagers are also violating the law by drinking under the age of 21. The prosecutors sometimes view the under 21 DUI suspects as particularly high-risk.

    Possible Defenses for Minors Facing Adult Charges

    It is extremely important to hire an attorney for minors facing adult charges for a Greenwich DUI. There is a lot hinging on the future of the child with a pending DUI charge. It is important to hire an attorney to get started on the case as soon as possible.

    A criminal lawyer can make the case to a judge that in spite of the allegations of underage drinking and drunk driving, these are kids who may have bright futures and cannot afford to have a conviction on their record. That is a delicate argument that needs to be made for the judge. It is one that needs to be made by a criminal lawyer, not a divorce lawyer, a part-time criminal lawyer or personal injury lawyer.