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    Hiring a Lawyer for Assault Arrests at Mohegan Sun Casino

    While the Mohegan Sun Casino is on Mohegan tribal land as opposed to land governed directly by the Connecticut state government, tribal police still enforce the Connecticut Penal Code on casino visitors, including and especially those related to criminal Assault. If you have been charged with Assault stemming from a Mohegan Sun Casino visit, speaking with and retaining a lawyer could be a vital first step towards effectively protecting your rights and achieving the most favorable outcome possible from your criminal proceedings.

    What Constitutes Misdemeanor Assault at the Mohegan Sun?

    The Connecticut Penal Code defines three distinct “degrees” of Assault, one of which is a misdemeanor and two of which may be prosecuted as various classes of felonies. According to Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 53a-61, someone commits Assault in the Third Degree if they intentionally cause any physical injury or pain to another person, recklessly cause “serious physical injury” to another person, or cause physical injury to someone else through the criminally negligent use of any dangerous or deadly instrument.

    Since this offense is a Class A misdemeanor, the maximum penalties someone may face upon conviction would be one year of incarceration and $2,000 in fines. Importantly, though, anyone who commits Assault in the Third Degree through the criminally negligent use of any dangerous or deadly instrument is subject to a non-suspendable one-year term of incarceration.

    As a trusted attorney can further explain, C.G.S. § 53a-61a likewise imposes the same non-suspendable one-year jail sentence on anyone who commits Assault in the Third Degree against someone who is 60 years of age or older, physically and/or intellectually disabled, or pregnant while at the Mohegan Sun Casino.

    Assault as a Felony Offense Under State Law

    C.G.S. § 53a-60 defines the following actions as Assault in the Second Degree:

    • Intentionally causing serious physical injury;
    • Intentionally causing physical injury with a deadly or dangerous instrument other than by means of the discharge of a firearm;
    • Recklessly causing serious physical injury with a deadly or dangerous instrument;
    • Intentionally administering an intoxicating drug to someone without that person’s consent and without legitimate medical or therapeutic reason to do so;
    • Intentionally injuring a correctional employee or Board of Pardons and Paroles member as a parolee from a correctional institution;
    • Intentionally causing serious physical injury by knocking someone unconscious with a blow to the head without provocation by the other person; and/or
    • Intentionally causing physical injury by striking or kicking someone’s head while such person is in a lying position.

    This offense is a Class D felony if it did not result in serious physical injury, and a Class C felony if it did. Per C.G.S. § 53a-60a, the presence or use of a firearm while committing Assault in the Second Degree is an aggravating condition that can lead a non-suspendable sentence, just like the targeted person being disabled, elderly, or pregnant. An Assault lawyer experienced with handling cases involving the Mohegan Sun Casino can go into more detail about this classification as needed.

    What Is Assault in the First Degree?

    Finally, Assault in the First Degree is defined by C.G.S. § 53a-59 as intentionally causing serious physical injury with a deadly or dangerous instrument, intentionally disfiguring another person seriously and permanently or destroying, amputating, or otherwise permanently disabling a member or organ of their body, or intentionally causing physical injury by discharging a firearm, with “extreme indifference to human life,” or with direct aid from two or more other people. Once again, the presence of various aggravating factors can result in increased non-suspendable prison sentences.

    Seek Help From Our Assault Attorneys After a Mohegan Sun Casino Arrest

    Even if you were not actually in the State of Connecticut when it happened, you can still face serious consequences in Connecticut criminal court if you are arrested for Assault while at the Mohegan Sun Casino. Fortunately, you have help available in a situation like this from a seasoned assault lawyer who has experience successfully handling cases stemming from an arrest at he Mohegan Sun Casino in the past. Call the Law Offices of Mark Sherman today for a confidential consultation, and click here to learn what past clients have to say about working with our team.