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    New Canaan DUI Lawyer

    After a DUI arrest, the accused will need to either post bond or bail depending on how much it is. If the bail is too high, they may need to contact a bondsman to post a percentage of it in exchange for their release. A New Canaan DUI lawyer can suggest the most appropriate way to handle the charges against you. An experienced criminal attorney can be critical to have by your side at a time like this.

    Following a New Canaan DUI Arrest

    It can be critical to have a New Canaan DUI attorney who can try to preserve evidence as quickly as possible. Attorneys may also try to get the police reports, subpoenas, videos and things like that and reviews their case before they go to court.

    When someone is released for the DUI, they get some paperwork from the police from the New Canaan Police Department and that says the court that they will be reporting to. That is in Stamford Superior Court at #123 Hoyt Street that sets the time and place for them to be.

    Role of the Accused in Court

    The court date for a drunk driving arrest is typically held two or three weeks away from the arrest. The arrested person needs to report to court at 9:30 AM. A New Canaan DUI lawyer will typically suggest the accused wear business casual to court because the more casual the attire, the more likely the judge is to notice it and could be viewed in a negative way.

    Expectations for the Initial DUI Hearing

    At the first court date, a New Canaan DUI attorney will go over the conditions of release which are judge orders that they impose on a person while they are released on bond. They typically include restrictions for drinking and behavior. If someone violates the conditions of release, the judge can raise the bond and place them in jail.

    The judge could order a person to get alcohol treatment if they seem to have a past of alcohol abuse. The judge can order them to not drink in excess and not do any drugs, too. The judge may order them into something called AIC, which is weekly counseling and the judge could order them not to drive at all.

    Get Help From a New Canaan DUI Attorney

    A New Canaan DUI lawyer can speak to the prosecutor to help a person before the court date to get certain things in order like start treatment on their own and the attorney can anticipate what the judge is likely going to want based on the police report and the arrest and help the person get out of that.

    In New Canaan, when someone is arrested for driving under the influence, their license is suspended for 24 hours and they need to be picked up by someone else and brought home. An attorney will be able to call the police, find out exactly what the bond is set at and if a bondsman is needed, put the person in contact with someone who is trusted. Call today to learn more.