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    New Canaan DUI Alcohol Education Programs and Treatment

    If you are facing penalties associated with a drunk driving offense, an experienced DUI lawyer may recommend you seek alternate outcomes. Contact an attorney to discuss the possibilities of New Canaan DUI alcohol education programs and treatment. If this is the path you would like to pursue, legal counsel can help you prepare to apply.

    What is the Alcohol Education Program?

    New Canaan DUI alcohol education programs and treatment are seen differently in the eyes of the court. The Alcohol Education Program is a ten or 15-week diversionary program in Connecticut for someone who is charged with a DWI or DUI in New Canaan. Someone should apply for the Alcohol Education Program if it is their first DUI offense and they want to keep their record clean. The program is weekly classes that concentrate on helping people with alcohol problems address those issues and the court will give them a year to complete those classes. When the year is up, the case will get dismissed.

    Impact of a DUI Accident

    An accident in a drunk driving case is a little bit more complicated because now there is a victim involved so the court is going to want to see that there is insurseekance that is covering the accident and that whoever the victim is, is being compensated for their injuries and their property damage.

    The alleged victim in an accident gets a chance to address the court on a number of matters including if they should be admitted into the Alcohol Education Program or if they support any plea deal or any disposition of the case. Judges take that very seriously, prosecutors take victims very seriously so it could make or break a case sometimes.

    What is an Alternative Incarceration Center?

    AIC is a branch of the court that handles the supervision of defendants before trials. If a judge refers a person to AIC, they will be doing weekly counseling, weekly treatment for alcohol abuse and they will send a report directly to the court about attendance and if the person is doing well.

    Using AIC vs. Private Counsel

    The pros of AIC are that it is no cost to a person because the court system pays for it, and it is more structured so they have to be there at a certain time every week and it is more of a group setting. The cons are that the report goes directly to the court before anybody has the chance to see it so when they show up for court that day, they find out if they have a good report or not. If someone does private counseling, they have to pay their counselor themselves but they get the chance to preview the results.

    Understanding the Purpose of a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

    A licensed alcohol and drug counselor is someone who has a certification for treating people who have drug alcohol issues. Seeing LADC is always a good idea no matter if the court orders it or not if someone has particularly high readings or the police report seems to indicate that they were very intoxicated or they have alcohol abuse problems, then the court might order them to see one.

    Seeking Treatment When it is Not a Condition of Release

    New Canaan DUI alcohol education programs and treatment are almost always recommended by attorneys, even if it is not necessarily needed. An evaluation can show that treatment is not needed and that the person is being proactive in addressing any issues that may be affecting them.

    Insurance Involvement in a New Canaan DUI Case

    A person arrested for drunk driving should know that whatever they say to insurance companies is not considered confidential. If they admit guilt to an insurance company, it could be used against them later and impact their chance at New Canaan DUI alcohol education programs and treatment.

    An attorney can be the liaison between the accused, insurance company and the person seeking restitution. They could speak on the person’s behalf,  and get information on the person’s behalf and they can disclose what is needed and keep undisclosed what is not needed and help the process move smoothly.