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    New Canaan Evading Responsibility Lawyer

    Getting arrested in New Canaan Connecticut for Evading Responsibility under CGS 14-224 can impact not just your reputation, but affect your job and Google searches of your name. If you have ever been involved in a car accident, you have probably pulled over and exchanged information with the other motorist involved. As a New Canaan evading responsibility arrest lawyer can confirm, individuals are required to call the police for even a one-car accident. This is typically done to facilitate insurance claims. Calling the police allows the insurance company to properly assess the damage to the car. Abandoning the scene of a car accident could result in an evading responsibility charge, which is why you should consult a qualified defense attorney that could advocate for you.

    Is Evading Responsibility the Same as Hit and Run Offense?

    Under Connecticut law, evading responsibility and hit and run offenses are the same exact crime. Fleeing the scene of an automobile accident is typically called a hit and run. It is the motorist’s responsibility to pull over and to provide this information. A failure to do so could result in fines, a lengthy driver’s license suspension, or even jail time. If an individual is facing charges for evading responsibility, they should consult a click here for the best defense strategies and contact a New Canaan hit and run lawyer for assistance with their case.

    What Are Hit and Run Laws in New Canaan?

    The duty to pull over, help, and exchange contact information after a vehicle collision is codified in Connecticut criminal penal code C.G.S 14-224.

    As any New Canaan evading responsibility arrest lawyer can explain, this law requires that immediately following an accident, every vehicle operator involved must pull over and provide the following information to the other motorists, a witness, or a police officer:

    • Name and home address of the vehicle operator
    • Driver’s license number of the vehicle operator
    • Registration number of the vehicle involved

    If a driver is unable to safely pull their vehicle over to provide this information, Section 14-224 allows them to provide to a proper authority such as a police officer or state trooper immediately after. If they provide information to an officer after an accident, the motorist must also provide a description and location of the incident.

    Potential Penalties for Hit and Run Offenses

    A failure to provide the required information could result in steep penalties under the evading responsibility law. Leaving the scene of an accident that results in a death or serious bodily injury could result in a minimum mandatory jail sentence of one year and a maximum of ten years in prison. Evading responsibility after a minor accident has a maximum sentence of one-year imprisonment.

    Any criminal attorney can help mitigate the penalties from such a charge. It is best to contact a New Canaan evading responsibility lawyer as early as possible, so they can begin preparing the case.

    Calling a New Canaan County Evading Responsibility Attorney

    If you were charged or arrested in New Canaan, Connecticut for evading responsibility under CGS 14-224, contact a top New Canaan evading responsibility lawyer right away. A capable criminal attorney can help you achieve an ideal outcome based on the facts of your specific case.