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    New Canaan Expunging Protection Orders Lawyer

    A criminal record can impact your ability to find a job, obtain housing, or secure a financial loan. A knowledgeable New Canaan expunging protection order lawyer could help evaluate your situation, explain your options, and provide guidance to help you work for a favorable outcome.

    What is an Order of Protection?

    Various situations can lead to a protective order, or restraining order, in Connecticut. An arrest for domestic violence, application by a victim of harassment, or application by a family/household member victimized by domestic violence are just a few examples. Violation of any of these orders, no matter how small, can lead to an additional arrest and a new felony charge. To learn more about the direct ramifications of violating a protective order, click here.

    Can I Get My Violation of Protective Order Arrest Erased?

    Section 54-142a of the Connecticut General Statutes outlines the situations in which someone may seek criminal records expungement through erasure. These include situations where:

    • A convicted individual receives an absolute pardon
    • The individual charged is acquitted
    • The case is dismissed by the court
    • The case is “nolled” or not prosecuted

    The process of erasing a record varies depending on the situation. People must wait 13 months after a “nolle” disposition to seek expungement. However, if the court dismisses a case, an expunging protection order lawyer in New Canaan could help immediately seek erasure. People convicted of a misdemeanor or felony offense must obtain an absolute pardon before their record is eligible for erasure.

    How Can I Get My Protective Order Violation Dismissed?

    Step one to successful erasure of your record is protecting your record from convictions. A top New Canaan Violation of Protective Order lawyer can help you gather the right evidence, speak to the right people, and advocate diligently to get your charge nolled, or even better, dismissed.

    What Happens After an Erasure?

    After record expungement, all police and court records, including the state’s attorney’s records, are erased. Records are no longer accessible to the general public or most law enforcement. However, law officials may obtain special permission to view the expunged records in rare circumstances. Under state law, a person with an erased criminal record may attest that they were never arrested under oath. For these reasons, it is important to mount a strong defense when charged with violation of a protective order to avoid this charge from haunting you for years to come.

    Expungement can also lead to the ability to get news articles taken down about your arrest. To learn more about our firm’s work in internet scrubbing, follow this link.

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    If you are looking to erase your record, it is important to work with a skilled New Canaan expunging protective orders lawyer who understands the nuances of protective order violations and the procedures for record erasure. Reach out to a dedicated attorney today to schedule a consultation and discuss your case. Click here to read our hundreds of 5-star client reviews on