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    New Haven Gun Lawyer

    If you are accused of violating state laws governing the possession and sale of firearms, you may be subject to prosecution. Fortunately, a seasoned defense attorney could help. No matter what type of gun-related criminal offense you are accused of, you should strongly consider seeking help from a New Haven gun lawyer before trying to contest your charges yourself.

    What Are the Consequences for Illegal Assault Weapon in New Haven?

    In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, gun laws became increasingly strict in Connecticut. In 2013, the state legislature made it illegal for anyone in New Haven, or anywhere else in the state, to possess an assault weapon, with only extremely limited exceptions for law enforcement personnel, correctional officers, and other professionals in similar roles. Under Connecticut General Statutes §53-202a, an “assault weapon” can be any firearm with an automatic fire mode, any semi-automatic shotgun produced before the law went into effect, any semi-automatic centerfire rifle with certain components such as a detachable magazine and a folding stock, or any of the specific firearm models listed in the statute.

    Illegal possession of an assault weapon is considered a Class D felony, and the illegal sale or transfer of such a weapon is a Class C felony. Accordingly, conviction for these offenses could respectively be punished by up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine, or up to ten years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Anyone accused of any assault weapon offense in New Haven should get in touch with a qualified gun attorney as soon as possible, as these offenses are considered especially severe in Connecticut.

    What Are the Permit Requirements for Legal Gun Ownership?

    In order to legally apply for a pistol permit in Connecticut, an applicant must be at least 21 years old, be a legal United States resident, and have never been convicted of a felony or of certain misdemeanor offenses. Along with their application, an applicant must also submit proof that they have completed an approved firearm safety course that includes a live fire test. Furthermore, an applicant must obtain a temporary local permit before they can pursue a state permit, so applying specifically for a New Haven permit should be the first priority for New Haven gun owners.

    Someone found to be carrying a licensed firearm without their permit to do so on their person may be subject to only a $35 fine under C.G.S. §29-37a, but carrying a firearm without ever obtaining a permit is punishable by a mandatory minimum prison sentence of one year, a maximum sentence of five years, a $1,000 fine, and forfeiture of the firearm in question. A seasoned gun lawyer in New Haven could go over what gun laws and restrictions might apply to a particular defendant on a case-by-case basis.

    Talk to a New Haven Gun Attorney About Legal Options

    An experienced New Haven gun lawyer could provide customized legal guidance and advocate for your best interests no matter what type of offense you were accused of committing. To schedule a consultation and learn more about your options, read our certified client reviews and call today.