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    Interacting with DCF in Norwalk

    Are you under investigation for suspected child abuse or neglect? Call a top DCF attorney today to learn how to best protect your family and your rights when interacting with DCF in Norwalk.

    What Happens When DCF Receives a Report of Child Abuse?

    When DCF receives a report of suspected abuse, or when children are present in the home during a domestic violence arrest, DCF conducts an investigation. After its investigation is complete, DCF will determine whether to substantiate the complaint of abuse and neglect, which often triggers mandated services for the family.

    Who are Mandated Reporters?

    Mandated reporters include teachers, school employees, coaches, social workers, babysitters, and nurses. Because they work closely with children, these individuals are required by law to report suspected abuse or neglect to DCF. Since they could face criminal charges and civil liability for failing to report abuse, mandated reporters often err on the side of caution. Contacting an attorney before interacting with Norwalk DCF could help facilitate a positive resolution to the investigation.

    What Happens During a DCF Investigation?

    Once DCF receives a report, an investigator will contact the family to interview them and the children very quickly. If there is an imminent risk of harm to the children, investigators must make contact within two hours. Otherwise, the investigation will begin within three days of the date DCF received the complaint.

    DCF investigators routinely request to inspect the homes of families who are the subject of reports. When the report involves school-age children, investigators are also likely to visit children at school or daycare programs.

    All Norwalk DCF interactions are designed to discover the presence of abuse or neglect, which can lead to a substantiated report against the family.

    Should I Have an Attorney Present when Interacting with DCF?

    Yes. Any interactions with DCF investigators in Norwalk will become part of the official investigation, so knowing what to say can be critical. Therefore, families who receive notice that DCF is investigating a report of abuse or neglect should legal advice from a DCF defense attorney as quickly as possible.

    Contact Our Team for Help Interacting with Norwalk DCF

    Learning that your family is the subject of a DCF investigation can be overwhelming, stressful, and frightening. Although DCF investigators may seem friendly and helpful, you must remember that their job is to investigate alleged abuse and neglect, not to assist you in any way. Interacting with DCF in Norwalk can be consequential, so families may want to consult with legal counsel before participating in any investigations or questioning.

    To learn how an attorney could help in your situation, call Mark Sherman Law today.