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    Consequences of a First-Time Third-Degree Assault Arrest in Ridgefield

    Ridgefield first-time domestic violence arrests are treated very seriously. Violent criminal offenses and any crime that threatens the safety of others are often prosecuted vigorously in Ridgefield. If you have been arrested for assault in the third-degree, it is important that you know what consequences of a first-time third-degree assault arrest in Ridgefield are. This knowledge, along with the counsel of an experienced assault lawyer, can help you make informed decisions about what your next steps should be. Consult an attorney that can fight vigilantly to defend you.

    Immediate Criminal Consequences

    The first immediate consequence associated with Ridgefield domestic violence assault in the third-degree is that a person can be prohibited from returning to their home for a prolonged period of time. If a full no-contact protective order is put in place, a person will not be allowed to return to their home until it is modified to a partial protective order.

    The other immediate criminal consequence is that there is a pending assault charge, which is accessible and viewable to the public. The charge can be accessed on the Connecticut judicial site, and typically, this can affect someone’s access to employment opportunities, and ability to maintain a job. A lot of people face the prospect of losing their job because of the conditions of release issued by the court.

    Long-Term Consequences

    In terms of long-term consequences of a first-time third-degree assault in Ridgefield, pleading guilty to an assault charge will leave someone with a permanent criminal record. Assault in the third-degree is a Class A misdemeanor, so it is a really serious charge. It carries with it one year in jail.

    So, if someone does plead guilty or is found guilty of assault in the third, they can end up serving one year in prison followed by a period of probation as well as a fine. Also, typically, if someone is found guilty of this charge, then that means that the other party was severely injured, so the guilty party generally has to pay to help with those injuries, whatever that may be. It might be hospital bills or other costs that were incurred by those injuries.

    Behaviors That Might Lead to an Arrest

    Connecticut’s statute for third-degree assault is very broad, and what that means is that a lot of different actions can lead to a domestic violence arrest for assault in the third-degree. This includes any sort of action or behavior that can lead to the physical injury of another person, and it has to be an intentional action. If a person punches someone and that leads to an injury, that is behavior that can lead to an arrest.

    Typically, if someone uses an object that can be considered a deadly weapon, that person will not be charged with assault in the third-degree. It will be a more serious charge. So, assault in the third-degree is typically any injury that is caused by a person’s hands or body. For example: if in shoving someone, that person falls over and hurt themselves, that can be behavior that would lead to this arrest. However, if an individual commits these kinds of behaviors, they need to be aware of the consequences of a first-time third-degree assault arrest in Ridgefield.

    Necessity of Consulting an Attorney

    Although the consequences of a first-time third-degree assault arrest in Ridgefield can be harsh, there are opportunities for leniency. The Danbury Courthouse gives a break to people who are first-time domestic violence offenders and will sometimes allow a domestic violence offender to complete a diversionary program (run by the state), which ultimately can lead to that person completing classes and then having the case dismissed. So first-time offenders sometimes have the chance to walk away with no criminal record.

    A person accused of assault in the third-degree should contact a Ridgefield domestic violence lawyers because an accomplished lawyer could advocate to get that person into the family violation education program. It is really important for someone charged with a first-time domestic violence to set themselves up into a position with the judge to get into that program because, while the person has to have no convictions to use the program, it is still the judge’s discretion whether or not the person will be allowed. A person who comes to court unprepared and does not have an experienced attorney with them might have a harder time getting into that second chance program. Individuals who have been arrested should seek the services of a skilled lawyer that can build them a solid defense.