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    Assault on a Police Officer Arrests in Stamford

    Any kind of assault against a law enforcement or public safely official is considered a felony offense, and convicted individuals often face mandatory minimum prison sentences in addition to steep fines.

    Fortunately, you have help available from a seasoned criminal defense attorney who knows how to handle assault on a police officer arrest in Stamford cases usually work and what evidence—or lack thereof—could impact the end result.

    What Actions Might Lead to an Arrest?

    When the victim of assault is a police officer, charges are brought under a different statute than simple assault. Under Connecticut General Statutes §53a-167c, a person can be arrested for physically attacking, throwing any blunt object at, throwing paint at, throwing bodily fluids at, or causing chemical exposure to a police officer or other emergency medical professional.

    To arrest a person, police just need probable cause. This is a low legal standard, easily met if the arresting officer is present when you allegedly assault another. While this starts the criminal justice process, it by no means ends it. To find you guilty the State’s Attorney must prove each element of the crime, as spelled out in the statute, beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a much higher standard, one that is very difficult for prosecutors to meet.

    Can I Contest The Charges?

    Yes. No matter how end-of-the-world, it may feel, you have the right to a fair process and that includes being able to push back against charges and build a defense. For assaulting a police officer specifically, the prosecutor must prove you intended to cause harm to a police officer and actually succeeded in causing them physical injury in order to be convicted. Many strong defenses start with the assertion that you did not intend any such thing.

    How Do I Build a Defense?

    Once an attorney helps you spot holes in the State’s case against you, the next step is to gather evidence. But what even is evidence? Any photos, videos, texts, call logs, or witness statements from the date in question can be crucial in building a supported and credible defense.

    Some of these items you can get freely on your own, some involve issuing a subpoena. For example, police body cam footage can be extremely helpful, but if you do not quickly demand they preserve and send a copy of the footage, it could easily get lost. An attorney who knows how dire time is of the essence and who knows what to look for and where can help you make the most out of your defense and work towards the best outcome.

    Get Help with a Police Officer Assault Arrest from a Stamford Attorney

    Ultimately, a person in Stamford may be arrested for assaulting a police officer based solely on that officer’s appraisal of the situation, which does not always represent a perfectly accurate understanding of what actually happened. Don’t let fear cost you your freedom or reputation. Call and speak with a dedicated attorney who wants the best for you and your future. Click here to read our over 300 5-star reviews on, then call us today to begin working toward a positive resolution.