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    Stamford Third-Degree Assault Arrests

    Stamford third-degree assault arrests are considered serious charges that could lead to a police investigation. It may be critical to learn more about what to expect following an accusation of third-degree assault. Therefore, speaking with an established third-degree assault attorney could give you the peace of mind necessary to help determine the appropriate defense for you.

    Reasons for Third-Degree Assault Arrests

    The law enforcement officer’s duty when responding to a third-degree assault in Stamford is to assess the situation, gather evidence, and figure out who did what and whether there is probable cause to make an arrest. When the police arrive for a third-degree assault in Stamford, they typically separate the parties, ask questions, look around for evidence, and take statements.

    After the police make investigation and they decide they have probable cause to arrest somebody, they can write a summons and complaint ticket and give to the person, they can summon them to a court date later, or they can take them into custody.

    What is the Role of the Arresting Officer?

    It is up to the police whether to take a person into custody following Stamford third-degree assault arrests. Often, the police will just write a misdemeanor and summons for that person to show up for court in about two weeks. If the police feel there is a special issue involved, they can take them to the station for booking.

    If the police feel that the situation is safe and a person is being accused of third-degree assault the police can just give them a notice to appear in court and have them leave the house. In a domestic violence case the court date will be the next morning, so the police will kick the person out of the house for the night and have them report to court the next morning.

    Expectations for a Third-Degree Assault Case

    If the assault in the third degree is part of a domestic violence dispute in Stamford, the police will make a dual arrest based on their policies and both parties will have a court date the next morning under Connecticut law. The credibility of an accused person can offset the credibility of the accuser when the accuser is taking a stand that is unreasonable or irrational and the accused is doing everything the court told them to do. It is important to establish and maintain credibility throughout the entire process because credibility is all a person has when it comes to the court process. Once they lose that, it is very hard for anyone to trust them.

    What is Attorney and Client Privilege?

    Following Stamford third-degree assault arrests, attorney-client privilege may be critical to one’s defense. Attorney-client privilege means that whatever a person says to their attorney in the course of getting legal advice is privileged and the attorney cannot disclose what they said. Attorney-client privilege can have an impact on a third-degree assault case in Stamford because all conversations with the potential client are shielded and no one can force the attorney to disclose their strategy, what they told the potential client, or even if the client admits to the attorney that they committed the third-degree assault.