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    “If not for Mark Sherman I would not be where I am at today. My life as I know it would be unequivocally altered for the worse. I made a mistake, one that is not usually forgiven in the court or public eye. Thank God for Mark Sherman. I felt compelled to put my trust in Mark and he delivered. He got the job done. It was a rough couple of years trudging through the court dates. But the guy is genuine. His ethics are pristine. He tells you like it is and does not sugar coat. You know exactly what is going on. It was not easy by no means. There were some hard choices and sacrifices. But I came out on top. With the experience of Mark and his team all the right decisions were made.
    There are some souls blessed in this world that have the ability to enter their chosen arena and shine. Mark is this guy. I knew I needed to trust Mark, his ability, and his advice. I latched on to him for my second chance at life. He delivered. I am humbled to be able to have my old life back. He is as genuine as they come. If you want to fight and win against your adversaries do yourself a favor and commit to Mark.”