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    “I don’t even know where to begin! When I first got into my situation I was sure I was going to spend time in jail. In my mind I had specifically hired Mark to just help me receive as little time possible. When we had our first conversation I was in Bridgeport Correctional Center ineligible for bail because I violated my parole stipulations , he asked me a bunch of questions about my case and the allegations. He also told me that because I had suspended time from my previous case I was more than likely going to do jail time (which I already knew prior to contacting Mark) but none the less he assured me he was going to get me the least time possible. Which is what I wanted and I was hopeful just hearing those words because I knew he wasn’t beating around the bush. As months when on and me just sitting in county jail waiting to finish my parole time, Mark was behind the scenes putting that work in! I got arrested on October 2020 he came reached out to me March 2021 telling me that he had got the judge to agree to a plea deal where I pay a fine and do probation and I won’t go to jail which was unheard of for my type of case, but because I was on parole and not probation they couldn’t use the suspended time on me. With out hiring Mark I wouldn’t have know that and I truly believe other lawyers wouldn’t have gotten me the same outcome. Mark truly is a great lawyer and he’s very professional he doesn’t come at a cheap price but the quality of work you receive from this man can make or break your life and change it forever. Thank you Mark you truly saved my life and got me a second chance to do the right thing. I definitely recommend Mark Sherman if your serious about your life.”