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    Weston Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

    If you are arrested for disorderly conduct, you are entitled to and deserve a strong defense. Hiring a Weston disorderly conduct lawyer to help you build a defense may be your best chance for a successful outcome in your case.

    What Does Disorderly Conduct Mean?

    In Connecticut, disorderly conduct is considered a misdemeanor. This offense is governed by Connecticut General Statutes §53a-182. For a prosecutor to obtain a conviction for disorderly conduct, they must establish that the accused took certain actions with the intent to cause annoyance, alarm, or inconvenience. Alternatively, they can prove their case by establishing a person recklessly created the risk of annoyance, alarm, or inconvenience.

    What Exactly Counts as Disorderly Conduct

    This statute mentions specific results, but the means to reach those results is broad and police are given great leeway. A fight, a threat, a loud argument, or disrupting a public event could all lead to an arrest. This means that a cop could make an arrest on very little evidence or information. The good news though is that an arrest doesn’t mean conviction. After an arrest, a defense attorney could immediately begin picking apart the state’s case, finding holes in the investigation and gathering evidence to undercut their allegations.

    What Are Penalties for Disorderly Conduct?

    Since this offense is a C misdemeanor, it can result in up to 3 months of jail and up to a $500 fine. After a jail sentence, you could be placed on probation as well for up to a year.

    No matter the specific nature of the charge, any person under arrest for disorderly conduct should seek legal counsel immediately. With the guidance of a disorderly conduct attorney from Weston, an acquittal could be possible.

    When is Disorderly Conduct is Classified as a Domestic Offense?

    In some cases, the prosecution will classify an act of disorderly conduct as a domestic offense. This occurs with actions that would normally qualify as disorderly conduct, but that is targeted at a family member, partner, household member, or spouse. While any conviction for disorderly conduct has consequences, those tied to a domestic offense are often stiffer.

    In addition to jail time and fines, a person could also face a potential restraining order. In fact, a restraining order can go into place before the case ever goes to trial. These protective orders can be an inconvenience, but the wording can also result in additional criminal consequences. A Disorderly conduct attorney from Weston could help avoid these consequences.

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