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    Weston Disorderly Conduct Arrest Lawyer

    Being arrested on suspicion of Disorderly Conduct can be both a confusing and unnerving experience since state law is somewhat vague about exactly what constitutes “Disorderly Conduct.” If you want the best chances of securing a favorable result from this sort of situation, speaking with and retaining a skilled Weston Disorderly Conduct arrest lawyer should be your top priority.

    When Can Law Enforcement Arrest Someone for Disorderly Conduct?

    Connecticut General Statutes § 53a-182 lists several specific actions which qualify as “Disorderly Conduct” in Connecticut, including:

    • Getting into a physical fight with someone else in public;
    • Making an “unreasonable” amount of noise;
    • Interfering with a lawful assembly without lawful authority to do so;
    • Obstructing pedestrian or vehicle traffic;
    • Refusing to disperse from a public gathering after receiving a “reasonable official request” to do so; and/or
    • Trespassing on someone else’s property and observing them without their awareness or consent while they are inside a private dwelling with a reasonable expectation of privacy.

    However, there is also a seventh version of this offense listed under this statute that is defined simply as annoying or interfering with another “by offensive or disorderly conduct.” The intentional vagueness of this definition means that police officers have broad authority under state law to decide on their own what counts as “Disorderly Conduct” and to make arrests based solely on their interpretation of events. This is a scenario experienced Weston Disorderly Conduct defense attorneys know all too well and which defendants are often unprepared to deal with effectively.

    What to Expect After a Disorderly Conduct Arrest

    Another reason why seeking help from a seasoned attorney can be so important after a Disorderly Conduct arrest in Weston is the extremely limited time defendants generally have to construct a comprehensive defense strategy. If someone’s Disorderly Conduct charge is categorized as “family violence,” that defendant’s initial arraignment hearing will almost always occur on the next business day after their arrest.

    Additionally, anyone arrested on suspicion of domestic violence Disorderly Conduct may be subject to a protective order imposed by the court overseeing their arraignment. This order would last until their criminal trial concludes and may simply prohibit any further Disorderly Conduct or bar the defendant from living in the same house as or having any contact whatsoever with the people allegedly impacted by their actions.

    Regardless of what outcome a defendant has from their Disorderly Conduct case, any violation—accidental or intentional—of their protective order could lead to them facing additional criminal charges for a Class D or even Class C felony. A Disorderly Conduct arrest attorney in Weston can go into further detail as needed about how these orders work and potentially offer help with seeking a modification of one.

    Get in Touch with a Weston Disorderly Conduct Arrest Attorney Today

    It is understandable to be unsure about your legal rights and options for defending yourself in the wake of an arrest on Disorderly Conduct charges, particularly if this is your first time facing legal trouble of any kind. With guidance from a qualified Weston Disorderly Conduct arrest lawyer, you can approach your case much more proactively and give yourself a better shot at minimizing its long-term impact on your life. Call Mark Sherman Law today to schedule a meeting, and click here to visit our AVVO profile with over 300 certified reviews.