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    Weston Disorderly Conduct Investigations

    Depending on the circumstances under which you were arrested and charged, a disorderly conduct offense may be investigated by Connecticut state authorities in a few different ways.

    A skilled attorney could advise you about what to expect from Weston disorderly conduct investigations and what you should do to minimize your chances of facing serious consequences in criminal and family court.

    Police Investigations for Disorderly Conduct Charges

    In some cases, law enforcement officers execute an arrest warrant for disorderly conduct based on evidence collected during a preliminary police investigation that indicates a violation of Connecticut General Statutes §53a-182. In most domestic violence disorderly conduct cases, though, arrests are made by police officers responding to the scene of an alleged domestic disturbance, based on their appraisal upon arrival that they have probable cause to make an arrest.

    Whether this investigation occurs before or after the arrest, it typically prioritizes the same types of evidence—namely, security camera footage, police reports, and other documentation showing where the defendant was at the time of their alleged offense and what really happened there. Witness statements often play a significant role in these cases as well, particularly those from other housemates or family members who may have been present for a disorderly domestic dispute.

    How Can a Lawyer Help Me?

    Anyone who finds themselves under criminal investigation for disorderly conduct in Weston should make it a priority to retain legal counsel and, once they have done so, speak only through them for the foreseeable future. Anything said by a defendant—from formal statements to offhand remarks, to even social media posts—could have massive implications on their criminal case, so it is always wise for them to say as little as possible and minimize their chances of inadvertently hindering their legal defense.

    DCF Investigations Following Domestic Violence Allegations

    If an instance of disorderly conduct allegedly involves a family member, household member, or relationship partner, it will usually be considered a domestic violence offense by Connecticut state courts. Subsequently, if those courts believe the offender’s actions posed a threat to minor children in their household, they may order the Department of Children and Families to carry out an investigation into the defendant and their living situation.

    This investigation typically lasts between 45 and 90 days and may involve interviews with the defendant, their alleged victim, their children, and any witnesses and family members who are aware of living conditions at the defendant’s home. Like criminal investigations for disorderly conduct in Weston, anything a defendant says during this process could be used against them in court—and in this case, it could result in them losing custody or visitation rights to their children.

    Learn More About Disorderly Conduct Investigations in Weston

    Although disorderly conduct is only a class C misdemeanor in Connecticut, the consequences of a disorderly conduct investigation can be more widespread than you might expect.

    Dedicated legal counsel could stand by your side throughout Weston disorderly conduct investigations and work tirelessly to protect your rights and best interests. Read our certified reviews here, and call the lawyers at Mark Sherman Law today to learn more.