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    Weston Spousal Abuse Lawyer

    Being accused of violence, harassment, or any other form of abuse against your spouse can result in significant repercussions, especially without help from an experienced domestic violence attorney. If you face allegations of violence against your partner, a seasoned Weston spousal abuse lawyer can work to preserve your reputation and protect your rights.

    What Crimes Could Count as Spousal Abuse?

    Generally, family violence in Connecticut occurs when a person unlawfully assaults, harasses, threatens, or otherwise causes a reasonable fear of immediate harm to a family or household member, which includes current and former spouses. Several criminal acts could be classified as abuse, some of which are misdemeanors while others may be prosecuted as felony offenses.

    Depending on the circumstances, a court may assign varying “degrees” of severity to a specific case of spousal abuse. For example, someone who deliberately assaults their partner and causes physical damage may be charged under Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §53a-61 with a class A misdemeanor. However, intentional assault resulting in extreme physical injury could be prosecuted under C.G.S. §53a-60 as a class C felony.

    It is worth noting that someone who verbally argues with or abuses their spouse has not necessarily committed “family violence.” For example, according to C.G.S. §46b-38a, unless there is a danger of harm or a strong likelihood that their words will escalate into physical violence, the alleged abuser is unlikely to face charges.

    Additionally, although someone may face assault charges for forceful sexual contact with their partner or for engaging in such conduct while their spouse cannot consent, “sexual assault in a spousal or cohabiting relationship” is no longer a criminal offense in Connecticut. A knowledgeable attorney in Weston can explain these laws to anyone facing abuse allegations and help them understand the potential consequences under the law.

    How Can a Person Contest Spousal Abuse Allegations in Weston?

    Fighting back against accusations of spousal abuse can be an immensely sensitive and labor-intensive process, primarily since marital violence cases often revolve around subjective interpretations of events that occur behind closed doors. It is essential to understand that disproving such allegations is not always the most effective way to build a strong defense. In some cases, it may be more productive for everyone involved to establish that there is no risk of future abuse or that the altercation in question was not severe enough to warrant a criminal charge.

    First-time offenders may want to explore whether participation in the Family Violence Education Program could be a good option. Successful completion of this program could persuade a court to throw out a spousal abuse charge altogether, however there are numerous restrictions to consider before committing to this path. Contact a hardworking local lawyer to learn more about programs that can help you and your family work through abuse allegations.

    A Weston Spousal Abuse Attorney Can Help

    How Connecticut law enforcement and court authorities treat spousal abuse has changed substantially in recent years. Unfortunately, these changes have made defending yourself against accusations of spousal violence a complicated endeavor.

    Fortunately, assistance is available from a tenacious Weston spousal abuse lawyer with the expertise and experience you might need to resolve your case optimally. Call Mark Sherman Law today and click here to find out what our former clients have to say about working with us.