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    Westport Traffic Lawyer

    Before making a decision on how to handle your traffic ticket, talk to a Westport traffic lawyer. An experienced criminal lawyer familiar with traffic violations in Westport can review your situation and help evaluate your options for fighting the charges.

    How Are Traffic Tickets Handled?

    In most cases, paying the ticket issued for a traffic offense is the simplest way to handle the situation. But simple is not always better. Paying a ticket is an admission of guilt and it adds the offense to your driving record.

    Does the DMV Penalize Drivers for a Ticket?

    The state Department of Motor Vehicles, most often referred to in Westport as the DMV, imposes a variety of consequences for traffic violations. (Drivers residing in other states may find that the ticket has been reported to their applicable state agency.) In addition to fines, the DMV may require drivers to take special classes.

    What Happens If I Do Not Pay a Fine Promptly?

    The agency may temporarily suspend your license even if you pay the fine on time because paying the fee leads to a conviction for the offense alleged. The DMV may also assess points that could accumulate and lead to additional consequences. If a Westport traffic attorney is able to have an offense reduced or dismissed, many of the unwelcome consequences can be avoided.

    How Does a Ticket Impact My Insurance?

    When your insurance company reviews your record and sees a conviction for a traffic offense, the company is likely to raise your insurance rates. If the company finds several violations, they could refuse to renew the policy. For that reason, it can be beneficial to challenge every alleged violation to avoid developing a reputation as a habitual offender.

    Is a Traffic Offense Also a Criminal Offense?

    Some traffic offenses carry criminal penalties including fines and the potential for jail time. If you are ordered to appear in court and do not understand the obligation or miss court for some other reason, then you can be charged with the additional serious crime of failure to appear.

    Work with an Experienced Westport Traffic Attorney

    Many people in Westport feel like it is frivolous to hire an attorney unless they are accused of a serious crime. However, assistance from a traffic lawyer can prove valuable even with minor infractions, helping to keep your record clear and reduce long-term costs and the potential for restrictions on driving privileges.

    To learn more about the assistance a traffic attorney could provide, talk to us at Mark Sherman Law now.