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    I Just Got Arrested at Fairfield University. What Next?

    I Just Got Arrested at Fairfield University. What Next?

    The best criminal lawyers in Fairfield Connecticut get calls at all hours of the night from panicked Fairfield University students who have been arrested and don’t know where to turn. With recently enforced zero-tolerance policies on the Fairfield University campus, getting in trouble at college no longer results in just a “slap on the wrist.” The top Fairfield Connecticut criminal attorneys and lawyers are now seeing more Fairfield University arrests for Possession of Marijuana or Narcotics, Forgery / Fake IDs, Assault, Breach of Peace, Disorderly Conduct, and other crimes.

    So are your college and professional careers over because you got arrested at Fairfield University by the Fairfield Police Department? Not even close. But you need a lawyer. You need to call your parents. By all accounts, the wrath of your parents will pale in comparison to the penalties meted out in the Connecticut criminal courts. So keep reading for tips on trying to avoid a criminal record and expulsion for your Fairfield University arrest…

    Fairfield University’s In-house Public Safety Officers Don’t Have Arrest Power

    Fairfield University maintains its own Department of Public Safety, which currently employs 27 members. Their job is to patrol the Fairfield University campus at all hours of the day and night. As the best criminal law firms in Fairfield Connecticut know, they don’t have the power to actually arrest Fairfield University students. But they can detain you, question you, and even record you. (Note: anything you say to Fairfield University Department of Public Safety can be used against you in criminal court – even if the officer tells you otherwise!) Usually, the Fairfield Police Department or Connecticut State Troopers make arrests at Fairfield University. For all of the ins and outs of fighting a Fairfield University arrest, keep reading and click here for a comprehensive discussion on everything you and your family should be considering.

    Fairfield University Arrests Must Report to Bridgeport Superior Court

    If you or your child have been arrested at Fairfield University for Breach of Peace, Disorderly Conduct, Possession or Marijuana / Narcotics, Assault or any other crime, then you will have to report to Bridgeport Superior Court to fight your Fairfield University arrest. If you have been arrested for a domestic violence charge (like a fight with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or roommate), then you will need to appear in Bridgeport Superior Court on the very next business day. You do not get special treatment at Bridgeport Court just because you are a college student or are from out of town. This is real, criminal court where you can go to jail. If your Fairfield University arrest is not handled properly, you can have a permanent criminal record which can be seen on employment background checks forever. So if you have been arrested at Fairfield University in Connecticut, don’t try to go it alone. Don’t be afraid to tell your parents. Contact a top Fairfield University criminal lawyer who can defend your case and help you fight your Fairfield University discipline expulsion hearing.

    Possession of Marijuana at Fairfield University in Connecticut

    The best Connecticut criminal lawyers see the Fairfield Police Department and Connecticut State Police issuing more and more § 21a-279a possession of marijuana tickets to Fairfield University students. If you are found with less than one half ounce of marijuana or possession of drug paraphernalia, the police will give you what feels like a parking ticket. Keep your guard up. Police officers will even tell Fairfield University students just to plead guilty by mail, mail in the fine money, and be done with it, because it is an infraction in Connecticut and no longer a crime.

    Don’t do it!

    What Fairfield University police will not tell you is that a possession of marijuana infraction guilty plea by mail in Connecticut will come up on background checks forever. And, if you are under 21, pleading guilty by mail to a Fairfield University Possession of Marijuana ticket will result in either a 60-day or 30-day driver’s license suspension. So if you are issued a Possession of Marijuana or Possession of Drug Paraphernalia ticket at Fairfield University, don’t mail it in as “guilty” – instead, contact a top Fairfield Connecticut lawyer, who can evaluate your case and fight your ticket. If you have already mailed in your ticket as “guilty” for your Fairfield University Possession of Marijuana charge, then click here to learn more about reversing your Connecticut marijuana guilty plea by mail and getting your charge dismissed.

    Fairfield University Arrests for Breach of Peace / Disorderly Conduct

    College parties, nights out at the Fairfield beach bars, and house party drinking often put Fairfield University students at risk of getting arrested. Top Fairfield University criminal lawyers often get calls from students who find themselves in trouble in one of those very scenarios – often from a student who drank a little too much, got a little too loud, or was a little too rowdy. The best Fairfield University criminal lawyers and attorneys know how to skillfully handle arrests for Breach of Peace, Disorderly Conduct, or other misdemeanors and felonies, in order to give you the best chance of getting your arrest completely dismissed, erased and expunged. Your top Fairfield Connecticut criminal attorney might have you begin counseling, addiction treatment, or anything else to help speed up and resolve your criminal case.

    Fairfield University School Discipline or Expulsion Hearings

    Finally, if you are arrested or being investigated at Fairfield University for domestic violence, hazing, sexual assault, rape, or any other crime in Connecticut, then you may face expulsion proceedings as well as a criminal court prosecution. Fairfield University offers its own Student Handbook, which includes all of the rules that staff and students need to follow. You are entitled to consult with a Fairfield University expulsion attorney during your expulsion hearing. So if you are being investigated or if discipline proceedings have been initiated against you, get in touch with a top school expulsion hearing and make sure that you know your rights and that those rights are being protected. For more about fighting a college expulsion hearing in Connecticut, click here.

    Contact an Experienced Fairfield University Criminal / Expulsion Attorney Today

    If you have been arrested at Fairfield University or are facing expulsion proceedings, get as much as information as you can and speak to a criminal lawyer before speaking with police, public safety, or any Fairfield University Deans or administrators. The Mark Sherman Law team of criminal lawyers provide experience and compassion, as we work with you and your family to get your case dismissed efficiently and cost-effectively. Click here to see what our former clients have to say about us on the lawyer review website, and then call us today. We are available 24/7 at (203) 358-4700.