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    Fairfield University Student Defense Lawyer

    Top Fairfield Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys regularly fight arrests at Fairfield University in Fairfield Connecticut. The days of written and verbal warnings to college students are long gone. In fact, the pendulum has swung in the other direction—in favor of caution, court intervention and arresting Fairfield University college students, much to the disappointment and trepidation of Fairfield University students and their parents, who are gravely concerned with how a Fairfield University arrest will impact their child’s academic and professional futures. Additionally, if you are arrested on Fairfield University campus (or even off-campus), then school discipline or expulsion proceedings can be initiated against you if the arrest allegations are serious enough, such as arrests at Fairfield University Connecticut for sex assault, domestic violence, rape, hazing, and drug / narcotics possession with intent to sell. So if you are arrested at Fairfield University for marijuana or alcohol possession, interference with police, disorderly conduct, breach of peace, DWI / DUI or assault, and you are required to appear in Bridgeport Superior Court, then you should first consider telling your parents, and then you should definitely contact a top Fairfield University Connecticut criminal lawyer to discuss if and how you can get your Fairfield University Connecticut arrest dismissed as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

    Fairfield University Arrests Report to Bridgeport Connecticut Superior Court

    As any of the top Fairfield University Connecticut criminal lawyers would acknowledge, any arrests at Fairfield University for disorderly conduct, DWI / DUI, Fake IDs, or breach of peace must report to Bridgeport Superior Court. Domestic violence arrests at Fairfield University (that is, arrests for physical or verbal disputes between boyfriends, girlfriends and spouses) report the very next business morning for a criminal protective / restraining order hearing. For all other arrests at Fairfield University in Fairfield Connecticut, you must post bond or you will be jailed until the next business morning where you will be presented in Bridgeport Connecticut criminal court for your first court appearance, called the “arraignment.”

    Fairfield University’s Dedicated Security Force – the Department of Public Safety

    The Fairfield University Department of Public Safety is comprised of 27 full time members who patrol the Fairfield University Connecticut campus and off-campus grounds by foot, vehicle and bicycle. While they are not actual police officers who can arrest you, they can report you to the Fairfield Police Department or Connecticut State Troopers, and they will usually try to physically detain you. Regardless of whether they are technically police officers, know that anything you say to a Fairfield Department of Public Safety officer can be used against you in criminal court, even if they tell you they will withhold your name or that you can talk to them “off the record.” As any top Fairfield University Connecticut criminal lawyer attorneys knows, nothing is ever “off the record” during a criminal investigation.

    The Most Commonly Charged Fairfield University Connecticut Arrests

    The top Fairfield County Connecticut criminal lawyers typically see arrests at Fairfield University for Fake ID arrests, Forgery, DUI / DWI / OUI, marijuana and alcohol possession, breach of peace, disorderly conduct, and sexual assault. Because a majority of Fairfield University Students are from out of town and out of state, Fairfield University students arrested in Fairfield Connecticut often have no idea who to turn to once they are arrested. So if you get arrested at Fairfield University, then you need to get in touch with a top Fairfield Connecticut criminal lawyer attorney prior to speaking with the police or showing up in court without a lawyer. As a college student who is arrested at Fairfield University, you have too much at stake. That’s why we encourage Fairfield University undergrads who get arrested to tell their parents or family members as soon as possible. The shame and embarrassment of telling your family that you were arrested at Fairfield University pales in comparison to ruining your future with a criminal record that could have been avoided if you had just hired a top Connecticut criminal lawyer.

    Fairfield University Arrests for Under 21 DUIs / DWIs

    One of the most common arrests both on and off the Fairfield University campus is a Fairfield University Connecticut arrest for DUI/DWI under C.G.S. 14-227. Anyone who has partied at Fairfield University knows how much fun the beach parties are when the weather gets warm. Yet for those students that don’t taxi or Uber it down to the beach, they can find themselves in the dilemma of driving under the influence, especially Fairfield University students who are under 21 and not even legally allowed to consume or possess alcohol. Connecticut is even tougher on Under 21 DUIs / DWIs, as there is basically zero tolerance for teenage and college students who drink and drive. While the legal Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level for adults 21 and over is .08, the legal limit is .02 if you are under 21. Additionally, all under 21 Connecticut DUI / DWI arrests usually come with a driver’s license suspension and mandatory installation of a Connecticut ignition interlock device (called an “IID”). And on top of all this, there are auto insurance premium increases to worry about ( follow this link for more on Fairfield University Connecticut arrests for DUI / DWI under CGS 14-227a and 14-227g ). So if you are under 21 and arrested at Fairfield University for DUI / DWI, then you should contact a top Fairfield Connecticut DUI / DWI lawyer to discuss how to keep your criminal record and driving record as clean as possible.

    Fairfield University Connecticut Minor in Possession of Alcohol Tickets

    While police will never be able to rid college campuses of underage drinking, they keep trying to deter it. If you are a Fairfield University student given a ticket for Possession of Alcohol by a Minor under CGS 30-89, you should consider fighting it, even if you were caught with alcohol. You see, whether it’s for Possession of Alcohol or Marijuana at Fairfield University, the Fairfield Police officer may tell you that it’s no big deal to pay the ticket because it’s just an infraction and not a crime. But a guilty plea by mail to a Minor in Possession of Alcohol or Marijuana ticket at Fairfield University will stay on your record forever and can likely come up on employment background checks and auto insurance / life insurance renewal reviews.

    Fairfield University Connecticut Possession of Marijuana Tickets

    Even though Connecticut has relaxed its marijuana possession laws, it is still illegal to possess marijuana and drug paraphernalia at Fairfield University. Fairfield University Connecticut college students arrested or given tickets for Possession of Marijuana under CGS 21a-279a can face an infraction fine of up to $500 for possessing less than one-half ounce of marijuana. As the best Fairfield Connecticut criminal lawyers know, CGS 21a-267(d) makes it illegal (but not criminal) to possess drug paraphernalia, which is defined as any material that is used to pack, store, conceal, inhale, or contain less than one-half ounce of marijuana. So if you are a Fairfield University student who received a ticket for Possession of Marijuana or Paraphernalia, then talk to a top Fairfield Connecticut criminal lawyer attorney first.

    **Also know that sending in a guilty plea by mail to marijuana possession in Connecticut will result in a marijuana possession conviction on your record forever and will come up on any employment background check for the rest of your life. (If you are a Fairfield University Connecticut student who already mailed in your Possession of Marijuana guilty plea and fine and wants to reverse it, click here to learn how you can do this).

    Fighting Fairfield University Fake ID Arrests

    While many Fairfield University students have a fake ID to help them get into bars or buy alcohol, they don’t realize that getting arrested at Fairfield University Connecticut for possession of a fake ID is a felony crime in Connecticut. A Fairfield University fake ID arrest is classified as Second Degree Forgery under CGS § 53a-139, and is punishable by up to 5 years in jail, as well as a permanent felony criminal record. Plus, you can get arrested at Fairfield University for merely having possession of a Fake ID in your wallet, even if you did not present it to the police, liquor store, or bouncer. So if you are a Fairfield University student and you have been arrested for Forgery in the Second Degree for possession of a fake ID, you need a top Fairfield County criminal attorney to help fight the charges.

    Fairfield University Arrests for Breach of Peace / Disorderly Conduct / Interference with Police

    If you are a Fairfield University student and are approached by public safety or the Fairfield Police Department at a party, then remember a few things: give them your full attention, be respectful, and don’t admit to anything incriminating, no matter how much pressure they put on you. Fairfield University Connecticut arrests for Breach of Peace, Disorderly Conduct and Interference with Police Officers are the most common charges on campus. Even swearing at a Fairfield Connecticut police officer can get you arrested. These are misdemeanor arrests, punishable by jail, probation and fines, which is why if you are arrested in Fairfield University for Disorderly Conduct, Breach of Peace or Interference with a Police Officer, you should contact a top Fairfield Connecticut criminal lawyer attorney to discuss your options.

    Fairfield University Rape, Sexual Assault and Hazing Investigations

    A growing and serious issue on college campuses across America is sexual assault and rape. If you are a Fairfield University student, fraternity or sorority who is being wrongly accused of rape or sexual assault, then you can’t let the system run you over. Consent is a defense. However, you must persuasively and aggressively defend yourself against police and university officials who are looking to make an example out of you. The best Fairfield Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys know how to preserve electronic and social media evidence to help bolster your position that the sexual contact was consensual. It is also extremely important to remember that whatever you say to campus police or Fairfield Police Officers in these rape, hazing and sex assault investigations can be used against you. So if you, or your Fairfield University fraternity or sorority, are being accused of rape or sex assault at Fairfield University, then you should contact a top Fairfield Connecticut criminal lawyer attorney right away.

    Fighting Fairfield University School Discipline Proceedings and Expulsion Hearings

    Fairfield University is governed by a comprehensive set of rules and regulations for the undergraduate and graduate students. All of these rules are spelled out in the Fairfield University Student Handbook. If you have been arrested at Fairfield University or you are accused of academic misconduct, then you will likely be the subject of a Fairfield University disciplinary proceeding or expulsion hearing. First off, know your rights. The student handbook is a written contract between the student and Fairfield University. And as with any contract, you have the right to consult with an attorney during all of the stages of the process. During the actual discipline hearing, however, you may only have an advisor by your side who is a member of the Fairfield University community. Regardless, top Connecticut school discipline lawyers often “quarterback” this entire process for families, ensuring that (1) the student is being adequately supported by the student advisor, and (2) that Fairfield University is treating the student fairly and in accordance with the Student Handbook. (Follow this link for more info on fighting Fairfield University Connecticut school disciplinary proceedings) . So if you are facing a Fairfield University disciplinary or expulsion proceeding, consider seeking the advice of a top Fairfield Connecticut school discipline and expulsion lawyer or attorney.

    Contact a Fairfield University Connecticut Criminal Lawyer Today

    The team of school discipline and criminal attorneys at Mark Sherman Law frequently handles all types of arrests and investigations at Fairfield University, both on campus and off campus. We understand the importance of keeping your record clean and will work with you and your family to get you the best results possible, both in Bridgeport Superior Court and in any related Fairfield University expulsion or discipline proceeding, or fraternity or sorority hazing investigation. We are available 24/7 for a consultation, so call us at (203) 358-4700 to get started.