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    Get Your UConn Arrest Dismissed Today

    Get Your UConn Arrest Dismissed Today
    • UConn police and prosecutors are enforcing zero tolerance policies against marijuana, Fake IDs and domestic violence.
    • UConn is one of the few campuses in CT that have their own police force.
    • UConn arrests report to Rockville Superior Court in Vernon Connecticut.
    • A UConn Community Standards interview and discipline / expulsion hearing can go hand in hand with any UConn arrest.
    • So if you’ve been arrested by UConn police, contact a top UConn student defense lawyer today.

    Fake ID Arrests at UConn are Felonies

    Forgery Second Arrests at UConn under CGS 53a-139 are felonies. At other schools, campus security officers will just seize the Fake ID and destroy it. Not at UConn. They will arrest you for a felony, which if not handled properly by a top UConn Rockville criminal law firm, can land permanently on your record and impact your ability to find a job after college. Follow this link for more on fighting Fake ID arrests at UConn / Rockville.

    UConn Police Have Full Arrest Power

    There are over 100 sworn officers in the UConn police force; the majority of them patrol the Storrs campus. They have full arrest and investigatory power on all the UConn campuses. As the best UConn criminal lawyers know, the most common arrests at UConn are drug and alcohol related, including UConn arrests for Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Sell, Operating a Drug Factory, DWI / DUI, Disorderly Conduct and Felony Possession of a Fake ID (called Forgery Second Degree).

    There are relatively few “warnings” or “slap on the wrists” when UConn police are involved, as all UConn Storrs arrests are immediately referred to Rockville Superior Court in Vernon Connecticut.

    UConn Arrests for Possession with Intent to Sell

    Anyone arrested at UConn for Possession with Intent to Sell or Operation of a Drug Factory under CGS 21a-277 or 21a-278 faces serious jail and academic consequences at UConn. Rockville prosecutors have drawn a hard line in the sand when it comes to selling drugs—even marijuana—on the UConn campus. Prosecutors want jail—even for 18 and 19 year olds who just share their marijuana with friends. And to compound the problem, the UConn Community Standards Office will immediately move for expulsion.

    Can anything be done to save your reputation and professional future when facing a UConn arrest for a Possession with Intent to Sell? Absolutely, but only a top UConn Rockville criminal defense lawyer will know the best defense and mitigation strategies that can save your future.

    I Got Arrested at UConn and Received a Letter from Community Standards

    Anytime a UConn student is arrested by UConn Police, the department notifies the Office of Community Standards who determine whether the student violated the Code of Conduct.

    The student (not the parents) will then receive a letter or email within a day or two informing them that they must appear before a Community Standards officer to discuss the case. This is when you should contact a top UConn school discipline criminal defense lawyer attorney to determine how to handle the meeting. There are scenarios where being completely honest will save you from being expelled; and there are other times where you must use discretion in what you share with the school.

    For more on how to fight a UConn expulsion / school discipline proceeding, click here.

    Call a UConn Arrest / Student Defense Criminal Lawyer Today

    So if you or your child has been arrested at UConn and is ordered to appear in Rockville Superior Court in Vernon Connecticut, contact one of the UConn criminal defense attorneys at Mark Sherman Law today. We will work closely and compassionately with you and your family with one objective: to get you or your child’s charges dismissed and expunged, keep your child in school, and keep their academic transcript clean.

    You can click here to read certified former UConn client reviews on the industry standard website. Then call us today at (203) 358-4700. Our attorneys are available 24/7 to take your call.