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    Forgery Fake ID Arrests at UConn & Fairfield University Have Got to Stop

    Forgery Fake ID Arrests at UConn & Fairfield University Have Got to Stop

    As any of the best Connecticut criminal lawyers who fight UConn and Fairfield University arrests understand, possessing a Fake ID in Connecticut is unfortunately a felony charge in Connecticut. It’s technically called Forgery in the Second Degree under CGS 53a-139, and we’ve seen a recent increase in arrests at UConn & Fairfield University for Fake ID possession.

    The problem is that while UConn & Fairfield University Police continue to arrest students for Fake ID possession in the hopes of curbing underage drinking, they fail to appreciate that these Fake ID arrests are threatening to destroy the professional futures of the UConn and Fairfield University students whom they are making examples of by arresting them.

    So what can be done? For starters, the UConn / Fairfield University student needs to be certain to get the Fake ID / Forgery dismissed and expunged off his or her record and background checks as quickly as possible…

    Don’t Go Into the Rockville or Bridgeport Criminal Courthouses Alone

    UConn and Fairfield University student criminal lawyers frequently see college Fake ID cases come through the Rockville and Bridgeport Superior Courts. Prosecutors may sometimes offer a reduced a misdemeanor plea deal where the student can pay a small fine in exchange for a reduced criminal charge.

    Do not take a deal like this without first talking to a top UConn or Fairfield University criminal lawyer attorney! It may seem quick and easy, but that reduced criminal charge will be on your record for the rest of your life, making it very difficult to get a job or internship. Consider having any of the best UConn or Fairfield University criminal lawyers and attorneys accompany you to court. They can negotiate a resolution for your case which will give the prosecutor and judge that you or your child have learned something from the court process, but which doesn’t have any permanent impact on their record.

    Make Sure Your UConn / Fairfield University Fake ID Forgery Arrest Gets Expunged

    It’s also critical that your Fake ID Felony arrest for Forgery in the Second Degree not only gets dropped, but that you or your child’s arrest also gets expunged, meaning that your child’s police department fingerprints and mug shots are also ordered destroyed and expunged. You will also want to hire a Connecticut Fake ID criminal law firm that knows how to get your UConn / Fairfield University Fake ID arrest offline—that means off the online police blotters and off Google searches. While this isn’t always possible, Connecticut criminal law firms like ours offer internet scrubbing services that specialize going after these news websites to take down unflattering articles about your Fake ID arrest.

    Defense Strategies for Fighting Your UConn / Fairfield University Arrests

    Our firm’s college and university practice group frequently assists UConn & Fairfield University college and graduate students not only fight their arrest, but also assist them with the school discipline / expulsion proceedings that go hand-in-hand with these arrests. These schools can be heavy-handed in their punishment process—so it’s always helpful to have a law firm with experience in this area assisting you or your child. For more information, click here for more on Fighting Your UConn arrest, or follow this link for more on fighting your Fairfield University arrest.

    The Mark Sherman Law Firm

    Since 2002, the Mark Sherman Law Firm has been fighting arrests at UConn, Quinnipiac, Yale, Fairfield University and other Connecticut colleges and universities on behalf of undergraduates, graduate students, and even faculty members. Check out what the former students we’ve helped have to say about our firm on the certified client review website. Then give us a call to discuss your Fake ID arrest. We are available 24/7 to take your call at (203) 358-4700.