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    UConn Student Defense Lawyer

    Getting arrested by UConn police is serious business. As any of the top UConn or Storrs Connecticut criminal lawyers would tell you, if you are arrested by UConn / University of Connecticut police officers, then your case will be prosecuted in the nearest Connecticut Superior Court courthouse, just as any other Connecticut misdemeanor or felony arrest would be adjudicated. There are no special breaks or offers of leniency just because you are a UConn undergraduate or graduate student. A Superior Court state’s attorney and judge will handle your case as it would any other criminal case in the courthouse. As a result, if you are arrested at UConn, then you and your parents need to take your UConn Storrs, UConn Stamford, or UConn Hartford arrest seriously, as a conviction can have lasting effects on your employment background checks. This is especially true for students who may be too ashamed or afraid to call their parents for help in hiring a top UConn / University of Connecticut criminal lawyer. Don’t be short-sighted—reach out to your parents and contact a top Connecticut criminal lawyer to assist you with your UConn arrest, UConn school discipline proceeding, or UConn expulsion hearing.

    The UConn Police Department

    UConn police have as much authority as any state trooper or city police officer to arrest you. The UConn Police Department is a sworn police force of 69 officers, with 48 officers permanently assigned to the main Storrs campus. The remaining 21 offices patrol the Hartford, Stamford, and Avery Point campuses. In addition to UConn police, local police from Storrs, Stamford and Hartford have authority to make arrests both on and off the respective UConn campuses.

    The Most Common UConn Arrests

    As with any college campus, the top Storrs and Rockville criminal lawyers and attorneys frequently see arrests at UConn / University of Connecticut for DUI / DWI, marijuana possession, Fake ID arrests, cocaine possession, and sex assaults. UConn police and prosecutors are extremely tough on some of these crimes, as each year, they want to send a continuing message to students that they will not let the UConn campuses be a breeding ground for drugs, hazing and sex assaults.

    UConn Arrests for Under 21 DUIs / DWIs

    One of the most common arrests on and off UConn campuses is for UConn DUIs / DWIs, which are often called “Under 21 DUis / DWIs” because the drivers are still not of legal age of 21 to drink or possess alcohol. As the top Rockville, Stamford and UConn DUI / DWI lawyers and attorneys understand, an arrest at UConn for DUI / DWI, especially a UConn arrest for Under 21 DUI / DWI, can be overwhelming to a UConn student. First, the student should call their parents. Second, the student should call a top Connecticut DUI/ DWI criminal lawyer attorney to learn how they could possibly get the UConn DUI / DWI dismissed as quickly as possible.

    There are many moving parts to a UConn arrest for DUI / DWI, including whether you should take the breath test, whether you should fight your DMV suspension, and whether you should admit you were drinking alcohol to the arresting officer or prosecutor. To learn more about fighting your UConn DUI / DWI arrest, click here to get started. Additionally, if you have been ticketed for Possession of Alcohol by a Minor under CGS 30-89, do not plead guilty by mail and click here to learn how to effectively fight this charge.

    UConn Marijuana Possession Arrests on the UConn Campus

    While Connecticut may have relaxed its marijuana possession laws to some extent, make no mistake: it is still illegal to possess marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Under CGS 21a-279a, it is illegal to possess less than one-half ounce of marijuana. Under CGS 21a-267(d), it is illegal to possess drug paraphernalia, which is defined as any material that is used to pack, store, conceal, inhale, or contain less than a one-half ounce of marijuana. As the best criminal lawyers who fight UConn arrests would know, if you plead guilty by mail to either of these types of infraction tickets, the guilty plea will remain on your record forever, and will come up on any background check for the rest of your life, making it all the more important to take the time to consider fighting these tickets, even if you are technically guilty of possession. (Sometimes a top Storrs or Rockville criminal lawyer can convince a prosecutor or judge to suspend the prosecution of these UConn marijuana possession or UConn drug paraphernalia tickets). Click here for more information on how to fight tickets and arrests for Possession of Marijuana at UConn, or anywhere else in Connecticut.

    UConn Cocaine Possession Arrests

    Much more serious than UConn marijuana arrests or UConn drug paraphernalia arrests are UConn cocaine possession arrests, UConn narcotics possession arrests (i.e. oxycontin), or UConn possession with intent to sell arrests under CGS 21a-277 and CGS 21a-279. As the top New Haven, Rockville, and Middletown Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys know all too well, UConn prosecutors will not hesitate in sending a college student to jail if the case circumstances warrant. Additionally, many of these Cocaine Possession and distribution crimes are felonies and carry mandatory minimum jail sentences, so if you are arrested in UConn for cocaine possession or possession with the intent to sell, it is critical that you consult with a top Storrs, Rockville or UConn / University of Connecticut criminal lawyer to learn whether you can get your UConn drug arrest dismissed quickly and cost-effectively. Click here to read more about fighting UConn cocaine possession arrests.

    Fighting University of Connecticut / UConn Fake ID Arrests

    It’s no surprise that college students use Fake IDs to help them get into bars and nightclubs. However, what UConn students probably do not realize is getting arrested at UConn for Possessing a Fake ID in Connecticut is actually a felony (click here to see our blog article on Fake ID arrests in Connecticut). In fact, a UConn student can get a Fake ID arrest for just having the Fake ID in their wallet, even if they do not show the Fake ID to a police officer or bartender. As the best Rockville, Stamford and Hartford Connecticut criminal lawyers know, a Fake ID arrest falls under the felony crime of Second Degree Forgery, as set forth in C.G.S. § 53a-139, carrying up to 5 years of jail time and a permanent felony criminal record upon conviction. Click here to learn how to fight UConn Fake ID arrests and UConn Forgery in the Second Degree arrests.

    Fighting UConn School Discipline Proceedings & UConn Expulsion Hearings

    UConn has a very rigid and comprehensive set of rules and regulations for its undergraduate and graduate students. If you have been arrested at UConn or you are accused of criminal or academic misconduct at UConn by school officials, then you will likely be subjected to UConn school discipline or expulsion proceedings. Know, however, that you have rights under UConn’s school discipline policies, including the right to have an attorney advise you during certain stages of the process, as well as the right to appeal certain decisions of the school. So if you are facing UConn school discipline action, be sure to contact a top UConn or Connecticut school discipline lawyer. You can also click here for a more detailed discussion on fighting Connecticut school discipline proceedings and expulsion hearings.

    UConn Hazing, Sex Assault & Rape Investigations

    A final and particularly serious issue on college campuses these days is defending yourself against accusations of hazing, rape and sexual assault, especially when there is drinking or drug use involved. As the top Connecticut and UConn hazing criminal lawyers who assist in hazing, sex assault and rape investigations know, there are usually two sides to these accusations, and there are rarely other eyewitnesses to corroborate either side. That’s when you need the immediate assistance of a top UConn / University of Connecticut sex assault or rape lawyer attorney to help you preserve electronic evidence, text messages, and social media evidence that can help prove the sexual contact was consensual. Know that whatever you say to UConn police or school officials investigating the rape or sexual assault can be used against you. So be sure to contact a top UConn Connecticut criminal lawyer if you are suspected of hazing, rape or sex assault either on or off the UConn campus.

    Contact a UConn / University of Connecticut Criminal Lawyer Today

    As with any college or university, you can get arrested at UConn / University of Connecticut for a number of misdemeanor or felony crimes. As much as it may pain you to tell your parents or family members, you should get support as quickly as possible. You should also contact a Connecticut criminal lawyer who regularly handles UConn arrests. The team of criminal lawyers at Mark Sherman Law regularly handle all types of arrests and investigations on all of the UConn campuses. We appreciate just how important keeping your record clean is and will work with you and your family to get you the best result possible. Call us today at (203) 358-4700 to get started.