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    Was Your Global Entry Application Denied?

    Was Your Global Entry Application Denied?

    For frequent air travelers, the Global Entry / TSA Pre-Check Trusted Traveler programs have been a welcome relief for travelers frustrated by long security lines at U.S. airports. With a valid Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check membership, you no longer have to unpack your computer, take off your shoes, belts and coats, or be patted down by TSA agents.

    For our readers who are not so familiar with the programs, Global Entry is a United States trusted traveler program allowing expedited passage and screening through U.S. customs for international travelers. Even better, once accepted into Global Entry, you automatically qualify for TSA pre-check which allows you to fly through security lines for domestic flights in most US airports.

    For some people, however, the eligibility and application process may be just as frustrating as a 2-hour security line. According to a New York Times article, 3 to 5 percent of the 30,000 Global Entry traveler applications submitted each month are rejected. Most common reason? Criminal background checks come up with some sort of red flag that causes the application to be rejected prior to any interview.

    The attorneys at Mark Sherman Law have been following this issue closely and have fielded calls regarding this difficult Global Entry application process. We have been successful in appealing the denial of Global Entry applications and are ready to assist you in getting your application approved.

    Here’s how we can help…

    Do I Need A Lawyer to Appeal the Denial of My Global Entry Application?

    It certainly helps. Many Global Entry applications are denied based on the fact that the applicant has had some sort of criminal history in their lifetime. That’s right—even a 20+ year old conviction for Reckless Driving, Careless Driving, or DWI / DUI, all of which are misdemeanors in many states, disqualify you from admission into the Global Entry program! What the experienced criminal lawyers at Mark Sherman Law can do for you is work with the criminal courts of your past, and file paperwork and legal motions with these courts to obtain the arrest records from your prior cases.

    We then examine the arrest and conviction records and assemble an appeal package for the Global Entry Program Ombudsman to consider in his review process. The Ombudsman has wide discretion in reversing the agency’s initial rejection of your application. Legal arguments not only help your cause, but the fact that you have hired an attorney also signals to the Ombudsman that you are vested financially in this decision. For business travelers around the country, saving hours of time in security lines is very important to their respective employers and families.

    Additionally, the attorneys here at Mark Sherman Law will explore other arguments to be made in support of your appeal. We will review your personal, professional and charitable histories in order to properly highlight each of these profiles to the TSA Ombudsman’s Office.

    Our Firm’s Unique Combination of Law & Travel

    We are often asked how our firm got involved in these travel-related legal issues. Our firm has a unique and distinctive practice grounded in criminal, civil, international and travel law. For over a decade, Mark Sherman’s affiliation with Global Travel International, Inc., one of the largest travel agencies in the United States, has enabled him to closely follow the legal issues developing in the travel industry. Attorney Mariella Krowka, a former writer for Fordham University School of Law’s International Law Journal, and a frequent traveler to the Middle East, assists in the leadership of this practice area of the Firm’s. In 2010, Attorney Sherman and Ryan O’Neill were honored to be asked to join the legal team defending Kosovo’s Minister of Transportation against corruption charges. That year, Attorney O’Neill traveled to Kosovo to assist the defense team in its successful defense of the Minister against these charges.

    Additionally, the criminal lawyers at Mark Sherman Law have worked with its international clients in both facilitating and challenging their extradition to the United States to face criminal charges. In either event, the firm was responsible for understanding the important legal distinctions and technicalities between the law of the United States and the laws of the foreign countries involved. The firm carefully analyzed the applicable extradition treaties and laws so that our clients could be properly advised.

    Hire the Firm Today to Appeal the Denial of Your Global Entry Application

    So if your Global Entry Application has been unfairly denied and you would like to appeal the decision, give the travel lawyers at Mark Sherman Law a call today to discuss how we can help you. As Global Entry applications are submitted all over the country, we are permitted to work with you regardless of where you reside and our representation of our clients in this area of the law is not limited to any specific region in the United States.

    Our rates are competitive, and unlike most of our competitors, we have had experience and positive results in this emerging area of law. We will work with you to assemble a comprehensive appeal package, created with the goal of getting you the best possible results. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call now.