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    Connecticut Global Entry Appeals Lawyer

    The Global Entry / TSA Pre-Check trusted traveler program has seen record enrollment over the past few years. Once accepted into the Global Entry Program, an American citizen can bypass long lines at United States customs entry points, saving these travelers hours usually spent languishing at the airport. Now, with your admission into the program, you are automatically registered in the TSA Pre-Check trusted traveler program which similarly permits you to leapfrog long security lines at almost all of the country’s major airports and hubs. With TSA Pre-Check, you do not have to wait in the general security screening lines. You do not have to take off your shoes, empty your pockets, or take of your coat. And you do not have to unpack your carry-on, electronic devices or your laptop computer. The two programs have come to the rescue of millions of business travelers worldwide, who now can proceed through United States airports with ease and without the anxiety and hassle of long security lines.

    So why would a business traveler ever need a top Global Entry lawyer or attorney to assist them? The legal problems arise in the admissions process. Turns out the eligibility and application process may be just as maddening as a two-hour security line. According to the TSA’s latest statistics, 3 to 5 percent of the approximate 30,000 monthly trusted traveler applications are rejected. Why? In many cases, criminal background checks. As explained below, many applicants have seen their applications rejected based on faulty, stale or inaccurate information surfacing during background checks. And once you are rejected, you have limited appeal rights that, if not properly handled, can seriously undermine your prospects of ever being admitted into the Global Entry / TSA Pre-Check programs.

    That is why we recommend consulting one of the experienced Connecticut Global Entry lawyers at Mark Sherman Law if you are interested in appealing an application rejection. As discussed below, our litigation attorneys are knowledgeable in the process and have had success in winning appeals.

    The Admission Process for Global Entry & TSA Pre-Check

    The Global Entry / TSA Pre-Check application is straightforward and available online. It is critical that you answer each question honestly, as all statements given to the TSA and Global Entry officials are given under penalties of perjury. Once your application and fees are received, an intense background check will be conducted by the TSA. It is at this point in the process that many applications are rejected. We have noticed that the TSA is denying applicants with criminal conviction records, even if they are convictions from 20 years ago, convictions for speeding-related offenses, stale convictions, or convictions that were subsequently modified, vacated, pardoned, erased or dismissed, but are somehow still coming up as certified convictions in a government-sponsored background check. This is where a Connecticut Global Entry appeals attorney could step in to help.

    What To Do If Your Global Entry Application Is Rejected

    Often the TSA rejection letter you receive will not specify why your application was rejected. A simple boilerplate denial such as “Applicant does not meet program requirements” will be sent to you by mail or email. This is particularly frustrating for travelers and businesspeople who regularly rely upon air travel and international travel.

    The next step would be to file an appeal with the Global Entry Ombudsman’s Office, which is responsible for adjudicating appeals. If the Ombudsman finds reason to overturn the rejection, then you will usually be granted an in-person interview, which significantly increases the chances for acceptance into the Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check programs. This can sometimes be hard to achieve without the guidance of a Connecticut attorney who is knowledgeable in the Global Entry appeals process.

    How an Experienced Connecticut Global Entry Appeal Lawyer Can Help You

    So how can the Connecticut Global Entry appeal attorneys at Mark Sherman Law assist you? We reach out directly to the Global Entry Ombudsman’s office to investigate exactly why your application was rejected. We then contact the courthouses involved with your prior cases or arrest, submit the appropriate legal paperwork and, if necessary, file motions requesting the disclosure of the records, reports, and certificates related to your old case. We then gather additional personal, professional and educational data and paperwork from your past, and, coupled with time-tested and result-proven legal arguments we’ve developed in this area of law, submit an appellate package to the Global Entry Ombudsman’s office on your behalf.

    The Firm’s Unique Experience in Law & Travel

    We are often asked how our Connecticut firm became involved in Global Entry appeals law. The answer lies in Attorney Sherman’s unique experiences in litigation and travel. In addition to being a criminal and civil litigator since 1998, Attorney Sherman has been affiliated for over 10 years with Global Travel International, Inc. (“GTI”), one of the largest travel agencies in the United States. His affiliation with GTI has allowed him to closely follow legal issues and trends developing in the travel industry. Additionally, in 2010, Attorney Sherman along with the Firm’s Ryan O’Neill, Esq., were hired to join the international legal team defending Kosovo’s Minister of Transportation against corruption charges. That year, Attorney O’Neill traveled to Kosovo to assist the defense team in its successful defense of the Minister against these international corruption charges.

    Call A Connecticut Global Entry Appeal Attorney Today

    So if your Global Entry application was rejected, do not embark on this Global Entry appeals process alone. While we can never guarantee we will win your appeal (no law firm can), we can promise you that our attorneys will collaborate with you to produce a thorough and comprehensive Global Entry appeal package. So contact a Connecticut Global Entry appeal lawyer at Mark Sherman Law today. Our rates are competitive, and we are available to assist you regardless of where you reside. As many Global Entry applicants are often traveling or live or work abroad, we are available for phone, Skype, or in-person consultations in our Connecticut or New York offices.