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    How Do I Fight Sexual Assault Fourth Degree Charges in Connecticut?

    How Do I Fight Sexual Assault Fourth Degree Charges in Connecticut?
    • Sexual Assault Fourth Degree charges are common in child molestation cases.
    • CGS 53a-73a prohibits ANY kind of sexual contact between non-married, non-consenting adults.
    • “Sexual contact” is defined as contact with a person’s intimate parts.
    • The contact must be made for the purpose of sexual gratification.
    • If the contact is for purpose of humiliating or degrading someone, then it’s illegal.
    • Sexual Assault 4th Degree can result in public sex offender registration and sex offender probation.
    • So if you’re arrested in Connecticut for Sexual Assault 4th Degree, call a top CT sex crimes criminal lawyer attorney today.

    What is Sexual Assault Fourth Degree in Connecticut?

    Sex Assault Fourth Degree charges in Connecticut require improper touching or molestation. This crime does not involve any kind of penetration (vaginal, oral or digital).

    While there are over a dozen sub-categories of Sexual Assault Fourth Degree under CGS 53a-73a, the most common Sex Assault Fourth Degree scenario prohibits “sexual contact” without the other person’s consent. The other categories involve improper touching between Connecticut mental health therapists and their patients, teachers and their students, and coaches and their teenage athletes.

    What Are the Jail Penalties for CT Sexual Assault Fourth Degree Arrests?

    As the best Connecticut criminal sexual assault lawyers can explain, Sexual Assault in the Fourth Degree is a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to 1 year in jail and sex offender probation. If the victim is under 16 years old, then it is a Class D felony, punishable by up to 5 years in jail.

    What Kind of Sexual Contact is Prohibited under CT Sexual Assault Laws?

    As top Connecticut sex crimes criminal defense lawyers understand, “sexual contact” is defined as any contact with the intimate parts of another for either (1) sexual gratification, or (2) degrading or humiliating the victim. Intimate parts are the breast and vaginal areas, the buttocks areas, and the groin areas.

    I’m Being Investigated for Sexual Assault in Connecticut. What Do I Do?

    Connecticut rape and sexual assault investigations are on the rise. If you’re a target, then you need a top, experienced CT sex crimes attorney who knows how to handle cases like these. Do you speak to the police? Do you give a written statement? A recorded statement? Do you turn over your phone to police? How do you get video surveillance evidence of the bar / restaurant / party where the alleged misconduct took place?

    All of these questions are critical and must be carefully discussed with your top CT criminal lawyer attorney.

    How Do I Get My Sexual Assault Fourth Degree Charges Dismissed?

    Sex assault fourth degree charges can be proven by either direct or circumstantial evidence. This includes sworn statements to the police, SART (sexual assault response team) video interviews, DCF statements and reports, and video surveillance evidence.

    It’s critical for your attorneys to analyze the evidence and assess the credibility of your accuser. Specifically, is the accuser telling the truth? If there are problems or constitutional issues with your case, then your lawyer can move to dismiss your case or aggressively push an Accelerated Rehabilitation Program application through.

    Follow this link for more on getting your CT Sex Assault case dismissed.

    Call a Fairfield County Connecticut Sex Assault Criminal Lawyer Today

    So if you’re being investigated or charged in Connecticut with Sexual Assault Fourth Degree under CGS 53a-73a, then contact any of the Connecticut sex assault lawyers at Mark Sherman Law today. The earlier we can assist you in your investigation, the better. Sex crimes and SVU detectives will get aggressive with you if you don’t have a top Connecticut rape / sex assault lawyer by your side.

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