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    How Do I Get a UConn Providing Alcohol to a Minor Arrest Dismissed?

    How Do I Get a UConn Providing Alcohol to a Minor Arrest Dismissed?

    Any top UConn criminal lawyer will tell you that one of the most common reasons UConn students are being arrested is for providing alcohol to their underage classmates. While these arrests are common at UConn, they can be a challenge to get dismissed in Rockville Superior Court where all UConn criminal arrests are litigated. And they can also get you suspended or expelled from UConn if not handled properly.

    What makes these UConn alcohol possession and distribution cases so serious? They are felonies, punishable by up to 5 years in jail…

    How are UConn Students Getting Arrested for Providing & Delivering Alcohol to Minors?

    As a result of several tragic alcohol-related deaths on the nation’s campuses, UConn police officers have been cracking down on underage drinking, which means they are heavily monitoring UConn area liquor and package stores. UConn police have taken to surveiling these stores in plain clothing, watching any students who enter, and more importantly, watching any underage students who are waiting outside for their friends. If UConn police suspect any student of purchasing alcohol for an underage classmate, they will immediately question the suspected student, and if their suspicions are accurate, arrest the suspected student on the spot. UConn police also check for Fake IDs, and will not hesitate to make a UConn fake ID arrest (also called a Forgery Second Degree arrest).

    How Can I Fight My UConn Providing Alcohol to a Minor Arrest?

    All UConn Purchasing Alcohol for a Minor, CGS 30-86(b)(2), arrests are heard in Rockville Superior Court, located at 20 Park Street in Vernon, Connecticut, about 20 minutes from the UConn Storrs campus. All UConn arrests report to this courthouse, so make sure you hire any of the best Rockville UConn criminal attorneys and lawyers who frequently fight UConn arrests. Follow this link for more on getting your UConn arrest dismissed quickly and cost-effectively.

    What Happens at Court for a UConn Arrest?

    The UConn State’s Attorney (also called the prosecutor) is usually unwilling to drop a UConn providing alcohol to a minor arrest That’s when your top UConn criminal lawyer has the opportunity to file a motion with the judge to suspend prosecution of your case. This is when your UConn criminal defense attorney will ask the judge to seal and dismiss your case at the earliest opportunity.

    UConn Arrests for Providing Alcohol to Minor Arrests are Now Felonies

    Providing Alcohol to a Minor was recently reclassified under Connecticut law as a “Class E” Felony under CGS 30-86, making it even more difficult to get these charges dropped. As many of the top UConn criminal defense attorneys understand, arrests come with strict orders from a Judge that can include random drug and alcohol testing, and/or weekly drug counseling.

    Unfortunately for students, these arrests have the potential to jeopardize not only a student’s school-career and status at UConn, but also their future internships or professional career, and their ability to get a job after graduation with a felony charge.

    Will I Get Expelled for a UConn Providing Alcohol to a Minor Arrest?

    Possibly, but you need to be prepared for the school discipline process. Any top UConn criminal lawyer will tell you that immediately after you are arrested at UConn, you will be immediately contacted by a UConn Community Standards Officer from the Student Affairs Office. They launch an investigation and will want to interview and question you within a few days of your arrest. Call a lawyer immediately, and don’t try and handle this alone—call your parents!

    UConn’s Code of Conduct can be found in Responsibilities of Community Life: The Student Code, which is given to every student when they enter UConn, but is also available online. Any of the best UConn school discipline attorneys lawyers are well-versed in UConn’s policies and know how to handle this meeting with a conduct officer to avoid further academic discipline.

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    The criminal attorneys at Mark Sherman Law are experienced with handling UConn arrests and school discipline hearings, and are ready to help you get the best outcome possible following your arrest. The goal is always to get your case sealed and dismissed as quickly as possible, without pleading guilty to any crime. Click here to read certified client reviews from former UConn clients arrested for the same or similar charges. Then call us to discuss your case further, and see how we can help. Our attorneys are available 24/7 at (203) 358-4700.