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    My Danbury Criminal Court AR/IDIP Dismissal Date was Moved for Months due to COVID. What Can I Do?

    My Danbury Criminal Court AR/IDIP Dismissal Date was Moved for Months due to COVID. What Can I Do?
    • Widespread Connecticut court closures have resulted in criminal cases being continued.
    • If your court dismissal date for an AR, IDIP, FVEP case us during the COVID pandemic, expect your case to be delayed for months.

    • A delay of your Connecticut AR/IDIP program dismissal date can jam you up in employment background checks.
    • Call a top Danbury Connecticut AR/IDIP criminal attorney to learn what you can do to get your case dismissed earlier.

    My Accelerated Rehabilitation Date Got Moved by Danbury Court – Can I Get it Scheduled Earlier?

    If you are currently in Accelerated Rehabilitation in Danbury criminal court, you’re well aware that cases have been extended for months due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Cases that are scheduled for dismissal have been moved out 2 to 3 months, creating increased criminal liability for defendants and ruining background checks for job searches. There’s hope, however—you can file motions or case flow requests to get your motions for dismissals heard earlier. Contact any of the best Danbury criminal attorneys to learn what you can do to get your case dismissed today.

    My IDIP Date Got Moved by the Court – Can I Go to Court Earlier?

    If you were granted the IDIP for a DUI in Danbury, Connecticut law allows your DUI charges to be dismissed after 1 year—so long as you complete all program requirements, which is becoming difficult with the closure of in-person classes. While many IDIP education classes are being canceled, exceptions and accommodations are being made to help you satisfy your requirements.

    I Need my Connecticut AR / IDIP / FVEP / Drug Education Case Dismissed As Soon As Possible to Find a Job

    We see it all too often—people denied a job opportunity or terminated from their jobs due to a criminal arrest. It’s almost impossible to secure any type of job that requires a criminal background check while a Connecticut criminal charge is still pending. If you’re currently applying for jobs, contact a top Danbury criminal attorney to learn how to get your charges dismissed as quickly as possible. Follow this link to learn more about Connecticut dismissals versus nolles.

    Here’s the Importance of Getting your AR / IDIP Case Dismissed Earlier

    Prolonged AR and IDIP cases can lead to continued criminal liability. If you’re arrested while in a court diversionary program, the court has the option to boot you from the program and prosecute you on your DUI or other criminal case. That means you run the risk of not having your charges dismissed—even if you’ve already completed your IDIP classes.

    Connecticut’s Erasure & Expungement Statutes to Protect Your Online Reputation

    Under Connecticut General Statute § 54-142a, you’re entitled to the erasure and expungement of all police and court records relating to your arrest once your charges have been dismissed. Connecticut’s erasure statute even allows people to swear under oath that they were never arrested. Top criminal attorneys know what motions to file in court to guarantee that courts and arresting agencies destroy all records. Contact a top Danbury defense attorney today to learn what you need to do to make sure no records linger after your dismissal. 

    How Connecticut’s Erasure Statute will Help Your Job Search

    The destruction of court and police records following your case dismissal is paramount to your job hunt. Any lingering records—even police blotters online—can lead to employers passing you over for a past arrest. Contact us today to learn how we can help make sure your records are destroyed before you apply for employment.

    Contact a Danbury Criminal Defense Attorney Today

    If you’re currently in Accelerated Rehabilitation, Family Violence, Drug Education or the Impaired Driver Intervention Program in Danbury Superior Court, contact an experienced attorney at Mark Sherman Law today. Check out reviews from some of our past clients at and call us at (203) 358-4700.