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    Should I Fight My Connecticut Speeding or Cell Phone Ticket Using the New Online Ticket Review Program?

    Should I Fight My Connecticut Speeding or Cell Phone Ticket Using the New Online Ticket Review Program?
    • There’s a new way to fight your CT speeding / cell phone ticket online.
    • You can fight your CT speeding ticket online rather than go to court.
    • If you don’t like the results, you can still ask the court for a trial.
    • Just remember that everything you share online can be used against you at trial.
    • Before fighting a Connecticut cell phone / speeding ticket online, call a top CT cell phone lawyer today.

    What is the New Connecticut Online Ticket Review Program?

    The Connecticut online ticket review program allows you to contest your ticket by pleading not guilty online. One you submit your defense online, a prosecutor will then review your submission and the police reports and either drop your charges or make you an offer for a lesser charge or fine.

    How Do I Use the CT Speeding Ticket / Cell Phone Ticket Online Review Program?

    If you choose to contest your ticket online, you will be given the opportunity to provide your side of the story to the prosecutor reviewing your case. You will also be able to upload documents and photos to support your case. Be careful though—as the best Connecticut cell phone speeding ticket lawyers and attorneys will warn you: everything you say online can be used against you at trial so be careful not to make any admissions that can burn you later at trial.

    What are the Potential Outcomes of the Online Review Program?

    There are three things that a prosecutor can do after reviewing your case online. The best-case scenario is that the prosecutor decides to nolle your case, meaning they rip up your ticket and choose not to prosecute you. Alternatively, the prosecutor may transfer your case to court for a trial. Finally, the prosecutor may make you an offer of reduced fines or fees and/or an option to accept different charges. You then have the power to either accept the offer or reject it and go to trial. If you reject it, your ticket will be transferred to court. Failure to show up in court in Connecticut for an infraction court date can get you arrested for failure to appear in court.

    Should I Use the Connecticut Online Speeding / Cell Phone Ticket Review Program?

    Right now, the statistics suggest now. While the prospect of getting your ticket ripped up without ever going to court seems ideal, it is rare to happen.

    Here are the numbers.

    Statistics released in 2019 by the Connecticut Judicial Branch reveal that of the 300,000 infractions received by the Centralized Infractions Bureau, only 8,000 have been resolved through the use of the online review program. THAT’S ONLY 2.6% OF ALL CASES.

    Let’s do a deeper dive:

    Of the 8000 resolved cases, 23% were nolled, 46% had the prosecutor make a proposed offer, and 31% were transferred to court. These statistics suggest that a nolle through the online program is not likely and using it can lead to your providing testimony, admissions and evidence that could be used against you later on in court and at trial.

    Do I Need a Lawyer for a CT Cell Phone or Speeding Ticket?

    Yes. If you can afford a lawyer, they will usually always have a chance of doing better at fighting you Connecticut speeding / cell phone ticket than you would on your own. If you are issued an infraction in Connecticut, an attorney can help analyze your case and decide what the best route is for you to take. A top Connecticut cell phone / speeding lawyer can work with the prosecutor to resolve your case without having to make any admissions or go to trial.

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