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    Stamford Criminal Lawyer Provides Valuable DWI / DUI Defense

    Stamford Criminal Lawyer Provides Valuable DWI / DUI Defense

    Have you recently been arrested for a DUI / DWI in Stamford or a neighboring community? The criminal court process can be lengthy and painful, but if you act quickly, then you may be able to avoid a lengthy license suspension as well as possibly be eligible to complete an Impaired Driver Intervention Program (IDIP) and have your case dismissed. Hiring a Stamford criminal lawyer right away will help you resolve your DUI / DWI problems quickly and competently.

    Being accused of a crime can negatively affect your life in many ways. You may lose the trust of friends and family members. You may put your employment in jeopardy. You may be required to pay hefty fines, spend time behind bars, or face civil charges later on. If you want to begin doing effective damage control, then hiring a good attorney is the first step.

    A quality Stamford DUI / DWI lawyer will defend you to the best of his or her ability during all criminal and DMV proceedings. Great attorneys meticulously prepare your defense, leaving no stone unturned. They dutifully examine all evidence against you, conduct a detailed review of statutes, and search tirelessly for Connecticut case law that supports your defense. In addition, they will provide caring and compassionate counsel so you know exactly what to expect every step of the way.

    DUI in Connecticut

    In Connecticut, a police officer has the right to pull you over if your driving behavior suggest that you are under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance. If the officer suspects you are under the influence in those first few minutes you’re face to face with him or her, then expect to be asked to take a number of field sobriety tests. In many cases, you’ll be arrested for DUI / DWI.

    Once in police custody, you’ll be asked to take a breath, urine of blood test to determine how much alcohol is in your system. You may consult an attorney before submitting to the test, but in some cases, refusing the test carries harsher penalties than those penalties that you’d receive if you submitted to the test. If your blood alcohol content (BAC) is .08, or higher, then you are driving under the influence in Connecticut.

    DUI / DWI carries criminal penalties and DMV sanctions in Connecticut and your Stamford criminal lawyer will represent you in both proceedings. This includes applying for a conditional license and investigating your eligibility for Connecticut’s Impaired Driver Intervention Program (IDIP). Your Stamford DUI / DWI lawyer will determine if you’re eligible for the IDIP and submit the proper documentation to the court to have you enrolled. If approved, and you complete the program, then your case will be dismissed.

    Connecticut DUI / DWI laws are strict and can be very complicated at times, but a Stamford DWI / DUI lawyer can help you work through the process from beginning to end. The Law Offices of Mark Sherman, LLC will do everything in its power to win your case, or at least receive the most favorable outcome possible. The key is not to delay in finding an attorney. Our attorneys are dedicated to achieving results and we strive to maintain honest and open communication all the way through to the end. If you have recently been arrested for DUI / DWI, or accused of another crime, contact us to learn more about how we’ll defend you and help you get through this troubling time.