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    What Happens If I Get Charged with Conspiracy in Connecticut?

    What Happens If I Get Charged with Conspiracy in Connecticut?
    • Conspiracy charges in Connecticut come hand-in-hand with other misdemeanor or felony charges, like Burglary, Possession with Intent to Sell, Assault, or Robbery.
    • To be guilty of conspiracy, you or a co-conspirator must commit a specific, overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy.
    • You must enter into an agreement with 1 or more other people to commit a crime for the conspiracy charges to stick.
    • Connecticut police will lean on you hard and use intimidating interrogation tactics to get you to roll over on the other co-conspirators. You should know that police are legally allowed to lie to you during these interrogations.
    • Connecticut federal conspiracy charges are extremely serious and can carry mandatory jail time under the United States sentencing guidelines, so contact any of the best Connecticut Conspiracy lawyers before you go to court or speak with the police or FBI.

      What Does Being Charged with Conspiracy in Connecticut Mean?

      Every Connecticut conspiracy arrest under CGS 53a-48 requires police and prosecutors to prove that: (1) you agreed with one or more persons to commit a crime, (2) you acted with the intent to commit that specific crime (not a joke or hypothetical), and (3) you or at least one of these persons committed an “overt act” in furtherance of this criminal conspiracy.

      Even the slightest act or gesture can get you arrested in Connecticut for Conspiracy under CGS 53a-48. Simply handing a bank robber a blank sheet of notebook paper that will be used in a bank robbery, or providing a telephone number to a drug dealer can get you arrested. To understand some of the most aggressive defense strategies for fighting Connecticut conspiracy charges, click this link.

      How Do I Fight My Connecticut Conspiracy Arrest Charges?

      As many of the top Stamford and Greenwich Connecticut conspiracy lawyers can explain, one of the most effective strategies for fighting Connecticut conspiracy charges is to (1) challenge the prosecutor’s argument that you had the intent to commit the underlying crime, (2) that you never agreed to commit a crime, or (3) as soon as you realized there was a criminal conspiracy, you renunciated / renounced your involvement (renunciation is a completed defense to conspiracy).

      Many times, people are unwittingly roped into conspiracies without knowing what they are doing or why they are doing it. Unintentionally participating in a conspiracy is also a complete defense to Connecticut conspiracy charges and this defense can be investigated and argued by your top Connecticut conspiracy criminal law firm at court.

      What if I’m Arrested in Connecticut Federal Court for Conspiracy?

      An arrest by the FBI in Connecticut for conspiracy can be much more serious than state court arrests for Conspiracy charges under CGS 53a-48. The FBI—rather than a Connecticut police agency—makes the arrest for Conspiracy, and you are brought to federal court in Bridgeport, New Haven or Hartford Connecticut.

      The biggest challenge with federal conspiracy arrests is that there are mandatory federal sentencing guidelines that most federal judges will use to guide them during the sentencing phases of conspiracy cases, especially in conspiracy to commit mail fraud arrests. Additionally, federal prosecutors (called US Attorneys) frequently encourage defendants to cooperate in their prosecutions and offer “5k” cooperation letters in Connecticut federal conspiracy cases. With so many moving parts in a federal conspiracy indictment / arrest, it’s a good idea to consult with any of the best federal criminal defense lawyers.

      Call a Connecticut Conspiracy Criminal Defense Attorney Lawyer Today

      The Connecticut Criminal Conspiracy lawyers at Mark Sherman Law regularly defend clients charged with CGS 53a-48 Conspiracy. Whether the underlying charges to the conspiracy are for drug possession, felony murder, burglary or assault, all it takes is an accusation of a single act for you to be roped into a serious felony conspiracy case.

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