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    What is the Impaired Driving Intervention Program or IDIP?

    What is the Impaired Driving Intervention Program or IDIP?

    The Impaired Driver Intervention Program (IDIP) is a diversionary program offered by the Connecticut courts and results in your criminal drunk driving charge being dismissed by the courts. You must apply for the program, and if you qualify, the court will require you to take either the 10 session of 15 session program.

    In order to qualify, you must first apply with the courts. The application is currently $200 and does not guarantee you will be accepted. You will be asked several questions under oath, including verifying that you have not been convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in any state including Connecticut in the past 10 years. The courts will then verify your answers and determine if you qualify for the program.

    There is established a pretrial impaired driving intervention program for persons charged with a violation of section 14-227a of the general statutes, section 14- 227g of the general statutes, section 14-227m of the general statutes, section 14-227n of the general statutes, subsection (d) of section 15-133 of the general statutes or section 15-140n of the general statutes. The program shall consist of a twelve-session alcohol education component or a substance use treatment component of not less than fifteen sessions, and may also include a victim impact component.

    The length of the program is typically one year. During that time, the applicant must complete the required classes and abide by any other court-ordered conditions. Should the applicant be charged with another crime during that period, the court will terminate the program and the State will prosecute the case as if the program had never been granted in the first place.

    An applicant may complete both stages of applying for the program in one court date.

    Fees: $250 application fee, then $400 for the alcohol education portion (if relevant) and/or $100 for the substance use portion (if relevant). Additional fees may be required for any ordered victim impact component (typically $75) or for reinstatement of the program if the applicant’s participation in the program is terminated for any reason.

    Applicant must send notice to any victim(s) who sustained a serious physical injury and inform them of the applicant’s decision to apply for IDIP and that the victim has a right to be heard before the court prior to the court granting/denying the program.

    If the court revokes any person’s placement in the program or terminates any person’s participation in the program, the court shall order the court file to be unsealed, enter a plea of not guilty for such person, and immediately place the case on the trial list unless such person is eligible for, such person requests, and the court grants such person reinstatement into the program.

    Any person whose participation in the program is terminated may ask the court to reinstate such person into the program up to two times. If a person requests reinstatement into the program, the Court Support Services Division shall verify that such person is eligible for such reinstatement. If a person requesting reinstatement into the program is eligible for reinstatement, the court may, in its discretion, grant such person reinstatement into the program. When granting such reinstatement, the court shall order the defendant to participate in an appropriate alcohol education, substance use treatment, or victim impact component of the program.

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