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    Assault on an Officer Arrests in Connecticut

    If you were arrested for assault on an officer in Connecticut, you should know that it is possible to contest allegations made against you by an arresting officer and challenge the assertion that you deliberately attacked them. Doing so successfully, however, typically takes the assistance from an experienced assault on an officer defense lawyer.

    What Are The Criminal Charges for Impeding or Attacking a Police Officer?

    There are two ways a police officer could charge someone criminally in Connecticut for hindering their ability to execute their legal duties safely and efficiently. First, someone who simply interferes with a police officer may be charged with a class A misdemeanor under Connecticut General Statutes §53a-167a, a charge often colloquially referred to as “resisting arrest.”

    If a police officer is physically injured in any way during an altercation, or if they allege that something was thrown at them or that they were intentionally attacked, C.G.S. §53a-167c allows them to charge their supposed attacker with a class C felony. Even a first offense under this statute is punishable by a minimum of one year in prison, up to a maximum sentence of ten years.

    A person must intentionally and knowingly cause injury to a police officer in order to be arrested under this statute. However, it is important to realize that an arrest is not a conviction. Police can arrest you off of little evidence. To secure a conviction and punish you, the State of Connecticut through the prosecutor must prove each element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt.

    How Can I Contest Arrests for Officer Assault in Connecticut?

    It is crucial that individuals arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer remain calm and cordial after they are detained. Remember, you do not have to speak to the police and you have the right to have an attorney present for any questioning. Anything you say to the police can and will be used against you, so it’s best to assert your rights and remain quiet until you can speak to a lawyer.

    Once you hire an attorney, they can begin working immediately to build a strong defense. A lawyer could argue for a bond reduction or lesser restrictions upon release, keep you in the loop of what is happening in the court system, and point you in the direction of the best evidence.

    A skilled attorney may be able to subpoena evidence like medical records and body camera footage to support a defendant’s claims, as well as seek testimony from witnesses that might conflict with the arresting officer’s report. This information is best if gathered quickly, so after an arrest time is of the essence to begin working towards a positive resolution.

    A Connecticut Attorney Could Help Fight an Arrest for Police Officer Assault

    Fighting back against assault on an officer arrests in Connecticut can be a difficult but worthwhile endeavor, and seeking help from seasoned legal counsel could significantly increase your odds of a positive final resolution. Click here to read our certified 5-star client reviews. Call today to learn more about your legal options.