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    Connecticut Strangulation Lawyer

    Connecticut lawmakers have recently enacted several misdemeanors and felony strangulation laws in connection with their domestic violence legislation. While the purpose of these changes to the criminal laws is well-intentioned, they can have extremely serious and life-changing consequences on someone who is arrested for strangulation.

    Strangulation charges in the Stamford, Norwalk, and Bridgeport, Connecticut domestic violence courts are commonly prosecuted by state prosecutors. While each degree of strangulation is distinguishable, all of the charges involve the unauthorized placing of the hands on the neck of another. As a strangulation suspect’s hands block the breathing airways of an alleged victim, the degree of strangulation escalates, and so do the penalties. For the precise definitions of Connecticut strangulation crimes, see C.G.S. § 53a-64aa, 53a-64bb, and 53a-64cc.

    If you have been charged with such a crime, it is important to begin building a strong defense as soon as possible. Get help from a Connecticut strangulation lawyer now to understand your options and protect your freedom.

    Fighting Strangulation Charges

    If you have been arrested for strangulation in Connecticut, then it is critical that you hire an attorney who understands strangulation law, can assist you with aggressively defending you, and who can hopefully resolve your case with as little effect on your personal and professional life as possible. Important factors in defending you against strangulation charges involve analyses of forensic and scientific evidence, the careful examination of photographs and police reports, consideration of self-defense arguments, and possibly the involvement of a private investigator. As with most domestic violence charges, it is also important for your counsel to appreciate that the case involves an emotional component that usually involves the participation and input from other family members who may not want to get involved in the case. Thus, a sensitivity to this dynamic is needed as well.

    An Arrest for Strangulation

    Strangulation arrests in Connecticut can occur immediately when police are called by 911, or can occur by the service of an arrest warrant weeks after the police are initially called. Once the police decide to arrest an individual for strangulation, the police impose a restraining / protective order against the suspect which usually bans them from returning to the alleged victim’s home until the suspect reports to court on the next business morning where another temporary restraining / protective order will likely be ordered. Suspects cannot challenge this restraining order issued by the police—however, they do have a right to be heard at their arraignment in court.

    Next Day Arraignment & Court Appearance

    On the next business day morning after an arrest for strangulation in Connecticut, a defendant is presented to the arraignment court judge and a brief temporary restraining / protective order hearing takes place. This order can last the entire duration of your Connecticut domestic violence case so it is critical to have a Connecticut criminal lawyer for this appearance. Additionally, the court will refer you to family relations workers who will ask you questions about the events that led to your arrest. Again, it is strongly advisable to have legal representation from a Connecticut strangulation attorney next to you as you navigate through the criminal court process.

    Criminal Restraining & Protective Orders for Strangulation Cases

    In light of the fact that Connecticut strangulation charges are one of the most serious domestic violence crimes in Connecticut, you can expect that the Court will impose a similarly serious restraining order. These orders can restrict your freedom to live in your home, and/or have contact and communication with your husband, wife or children. Even more importantly, a violation of these protective orders can easily result in additional felony charges and expose you to more jail time. It is therefore a very good idea to have a Connecticut domestic violence attorney explain these restraining and protective orders to you in great detail so you run little risk of violating them.

    Penalties for Strangulation

    The penalties for a strangulation conviction can be a minimum of a fine and/or probation, or years in prison. With such a broad range of possible punishments, it is important to take the charges and process very seriously. To fully understand all possible consequences and defense strategies, enlist the help of a dedicated strangulation attorney in Connecticut.

    Hire a Connecticut Strangulation Attorney Now

    If you have been arrested on strangulation charges in Stamford, Norwalk, Greenwich or Bridgeport domestic violence courts, hire a criminal attorney who is experienced in handling domestic violence cases. The defense attorneys at Mark Sherman Law will explore every defense strategy for you and your case, and our only goal will be to get the best result possible for you.

    To speak with a licensed Connecticut strangulation lawyer at Mark Sherman Law, or if you have any questions regarding other pending criminal charges in Connecticut, contact Mark Sherman Law. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.