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    Connecticut Third-Degree Strangulation Lawyer

    If you were arrested and charged with strangulation or suffocation, call a Connecticut third-degree strangulation lawyer immediately. A top domestic violence attorney could protect your interests and fight for a positive resolution to your charges.

    What is Strangulation or Suffocation in the Third Degree?

    Third-degree strangulation is defined in Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §53a-64cc. If someone “recklessly” holds another person’s throat or neck or blocks their nose or mouth and in so doing reduces their ability to breathe or constricts their blood flow, then that person may be guilty of third-degree strangulation.

    What Constitutes Recklessness in Connecticut?

    C.G.S. 53a-3 defines a reckless action as a situation in which someone knows of a real and “unjustifiable” risk that something will happen, and they choose to accept or ignore that risk and act anyway. Under the definition, recklessness is a “gross deviation” from the way a reasonable person would behave.

    What are the Penalties for Third-Degree Strangulation in CT?

    Strangulation or suffocation in the third degree is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by as much as a year in jail, a fine as high as $2,000.00, and/or up to two years probation.

    Beyond the above penalties, there are other consequences of a criminal conviction that may be even more harmful. Strangulation is a violent offense with strong negative connotations. An individual with a conviction or even a charge of strangulation on their record may face difficulty finding a job, gaining approval for a loan or housing application, or even forming new relationships.

    In the digital age, a criminal charge can be visible to anyone who conducts a simple online search. A third-degree strangulation lawyer in Connecticut could only work to fight the charges but also to minimize the adverse effects.

    Strangulation and Domestic Violence

    Police frequently charge strangulation in the third degree after being called to the scene of a domestic dispute. In family violence situations, the individual accused of an offense is also required to comply with the terms of a protective order. Any violation of those terms may be treated as a separate felony offense. A Connecticut third-degree strangulation attorney could help defend your case to lessen or dismiss such charges.

    Call a Connecticut Third-Degree Strangulation Attorney Today

    If you have been charged with third-degree strangulation, a Connecticut third-degree strangulation lawyer could help you deal with the collateral effects and begin working to protect your rights and fighting for a positive outcome. To learn more about how a skilled attorney could help in your situation, call Mark Sherman Law today.